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1. Vedas Cure EPI care

The Best Treatment for Epilepsy 

Vedas cure brings for you Epilepsy care for the best treatment for Epilesy from depression to euphoria, frequent yawning.Our Formula treats your Depression in a very effective manner, you can see the result within 3-4 days only.


2. Dr. Reckeweg R33

A Homepathy medicine

The ingredients form specific therapeutic antigens.
Bufo: Specific remedy against epileptic fits and progressive weakness.Cuprum: Against all kinds of cramps, in the thighs for instance, and especially epileptic cramps. Cerebral congestion
Pulsatilla: Promotes vicarious effects in general, in the sense that diseases stifled in the past are rediscovered as an effect of vicariation.
Silicea: After-effects of the suppression of perspiration from the feet.


3.Rasraj Ras (Swarna Yukta) (10 TABLETS)

A baidyanath medicine

Basic Ayurveda Rasraj Ras with Gold & Pearl is useful in the treatment of neuromuscular conditions. It is primarily used in the treatment of paralysis including face paralysis. Various headaches including migraines can also be treated using this medicine. Helps in maintaining normal blood pressure and controlling diabetes. It provides iron to the body and is useful in treating anaemia.


4. Lord's L 121 Epilepsy Drops 30 ml

A homeopathy medicine 

Rulers L 121 Epilepsy Drop is a homeopathic prescription helpful if there should arise an occurrence of treatment of Epileptic issues, spasms, cramps in thighs, epilepsy of any beginning, epileptic fits. Key Ingredients: Silicea.30-Apr-2020



A patanjali product 

Divya medha vati is a product of patanjali divya pharmacy. Medha vati is useful in several brain disorders including memory loss, headache, insomnia, irritation and epilepsy. It is also useful  in depression due to over-dreaming and negative thoughts and irritation. It promotes self confidence, enthusiasm and energy in human beings. It is used as a mental tonic for the students and intellectuals. 


What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a focal sensory system (neurological) jumble in which mind movement gets strange, causing seizures or times of surprising conduct, sensations, and at times loss of mindfulness. Anybody can foster epilepsy

What is the Best Treatment ?

An assortment of Ayurvedic meds for epilepsy is accessible in the Indian market, for instance, asvagandhadyarishta, bali tail, brahmi ghruta, chandanadi, kalyanaka ghruta, mahamrutyunjaya rasa, ajata bhasma, vaatakulantaka rasa, and ogendra rasa.