Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the human brain and generates excessive electric discharge. Epileptic patients get multiple numbers of seizures and get fit attacks frequently. The nerves of the brain act weirdly sometimes and the body acts accordingly showing some unusual symptoms. It is a very common disorder among people and almost 50 million people are affected by this disease worldwide.

Ayurveda has provided enormous solutions for many diseases for many centuries. Similarly, there are many methods in Ayurveda for the treatment of epilepsy as well. Amalaki is one of the ayurvedic ingredients that help to deal with the symptoms of epilepsy.

Curious? Find all the little facts about amalaki, its benefits for epileptic patients, and other uses, here!


Amalaki in Sanskrit means “the sustainer”. Amalaki is a fruit that has been used in ayurvedic medicines in most parts of Southeast Asia. The fruit is of bitter taste but is beneficial for many health problems. It helps with the problems of the liver, brain, heart, lungs, etc. The fruit has a lot of rich nutrients in it. It is a resource of high vitamin C, amino acids, antioxidants, etc.

This fruit has many healing benefits as well including – anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, etc. It also has a cooling property for the stomach. Amalaki is used to treat some diseases –

  1. High blood pressure
  2. High cholesterol
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Diabetes
  5. Obesity
  6. Joint pain, etc.

It is used in many forms in the Ayurveda. If you do not find the whole fruit, you can easily opt for other forms like powder, tincture, capsule, or tonic, etc. These forms also have the same effectivity on the diseases. Researches are showing the fact that amalaki can also be an alternative treatment for some specific conditions.

It may be a surprising fact to some that amalaki is actually used to treat many neurological disorders as well. It can help to treat – Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, epilepsy, stress, depression, etc. Ayurveda has used the powers of amalaki in medicines and it is proven out to be effective.


Amalaki is used in the treatment of many neurological disorders. It is rich in antioxidants and this property is very helpful for epilepsy as well. As we all know that our bodies need antioxidants to fight diseases, epileptic patients too need it very much. Epilepsy can happen because of the epileptogenic process and amalaki or Emblica officinalis helps to stop that process.

Some studies have shown the fact that the dosage of 500 mg and 700 mg helped to stop the underlying epileptogenic process after the use of one week. The high number of antioxidants influences this whole process and reduces it. Thus, it helps epileptic patients to have a lesser number of fit attacks.

Epilepsy is a disorder related to the central nervous system that can be treated by amla or amalaki. Amla is a fruit that actually helps to fight against diseases regarding the nervous system. It actually fights against kainic acid-induced seizures and also reduces oxidative stress. The fruit is turned into capsules, tablets, tonics, powder, and rasayan to use for the disease.


Amalaki rasayan is a method of therapy for various health problems of any age. This therapy is more useful for aged persons. Aging with time is a natural process but, in many cases, this process comes with many complications. Rasayana therapy is used for healthy aging and also for rejuvenation.

This medicine is used in Ayurveda to treat cardiac arrest, cerebral attack, or intestinal problems.


The core ingredient of this Rasayana is definitely amalaki but there are some other herbal ayurvedic ingredients to make this product. The other ingredients used in this product are – amalaki churna, ghee, madhu, pipal churna, sugar, amalaka ras(juice). These pure vegetarian ingredients are safe to consume and anyone can consume the medicine without any hesitation.


Though Amalaki rasayan is an ayurvedic and vegetarian medicine, you should not take an overdose of it. Overconsumption of anything can turn out to be problematic. Those who are interested in herbal products can buy this medicine. They can have one or two teaspoons of the Rasayana diluted in water or milk. This diluted solution can be consumed twice a day for a healthy body and mind.


The potent powers of amalaki rasayan benefits the human body to rejuvenate. It slows down the process of premature aging and also nourishes the skin and hair. The immunomodulatory properties of this help to build the immune system stronger and fight against viral and bacterial infections. You will be surprised to see the number of benefits it has. Some of the conditions that get better with the help of this therapy are –

  1. Increasing the power of eyes
  2. Reducing eye fatigue and eye strain
  3. Redness in eyes
  4. Improving weak eyesight
  5. Memory loss
  6. Mental fatigue
  7. Gastritis
  8. Fatty liver
  9. Wrinkles
  10. Hair fall
  11. Premature skin aging
  12. Impotency, etc.

Amalaki rasayana benefits most people without having any serious side effects. You can easily consume the purely natural product without any fear of having any complications. But it is always wise to get some supervision before starting any new medicines.

It has a cooling power that helps the stomach to fight acidity. But this cooling effect can be a bit stressful for arthritis patients during the wintertime. It can increase their joint pain. So, if you have arthritis or anyone from your family has arthritis, consult with your physician during wintertime about the consumption.


From the name, it is pretty evident that amalaki powder is the crushed or powdered version of amalaki or Indian gooseberry. Naturally, all the natural nutrients of amla or amalaki are present in the amla powder. Rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, this powder is another form of Amalaki which is very useful for hair and skin problems. Some of amalaki uses which are vital are discussed below –

1. It helps to thicken the blood vessels and make them stronger.

2. It fights the bad cholesterol of the body and reduces the chances of heart diseases.

3. The fiber-rich powder helps greatly in the digestive system.

4. Amalaki powder can be mixed with water and applied to the face. You can also add some yogurt and honey to the mixture to get a better result. This method provides glowing skin.

5. One of the striking properties of amla is slowing the aging process. It keeps the skin refreshed and glowing and you can get naturally flawless skin without any chemicals.

6. This also helps to control diabetes. The chromium present in the powder helps to regulate the blood glucose levels and also makes the body respond to insulin.

7. Most women face hair fall problems or dandruff problems. Do not get worried about it. Using amla powder for the hair reduces these hair-related problems and makes the hair thick and strong.

Amalaki churna has been used as an ayurvedic medicine as well as an ingredient for other medicines. Extracted from the amla fruit, it contains all the natural value. It is good for internal use as well as external use. But if you are consuming it internally, make sure you are not taking an overdose of it. You can take half a teaspoon of amla powder and can either mix it with honey or water. Have this mixture before lunch and dinner every day.


Getting to know about all the good properties of amalaki may raise a question in your head whether it has any side effects or not. The fact of amla being a great ingredient full of nutrients is true. But everything can cause a side effect and these can vary from person to person. Amla also has some minor side effects which should be taken into consideration as well.

1. In some cases, amla can increase the possibility of excessive bleeding for people having bleeding disorders. This can create some complications if you are going to have any surgery. For that reason, consuming amla should be stopped at least 2 weeks before the scheduled time of surgery.

2. An overdose of amla can create dryness in the skin.

3. If you have coughing problems, you should not take amla. As its cooling property can increase the coughing.

4. Aged people having arthritis also should avoid consuming amla in the winter. As amla’s cooling effects can increase the joint pains and worsen the situation.

5. Amla may lower the blood sugar level more than required. It can be problematic for diabetic patients who take medicines for the disease.

6. Apart from these internal side effects, using amla externally can also result in some unwanted situations. It can cause rashes and itchiness in some people.


Be it raw amalaki or amalaki rasayan or amalaki churna or any form of amalaki, if you want to be safe, always maintain some precautions and safety tips. There are not many pieces of research related to ayurvedic products and that is why proven facts related to amla are very few. But still, there are some precautions and safety tips that are provided for the benefit of the people using amalaki.

a. Pregnant women should restrain themselves from using any product of amla during their pregnancy period. As they are already dealing with a lot of internal changes, the new addition of products can cause harm.

b. Similarly, breastfeeding mothers also should avoid amla. As there is not much scientific clarification but amla’s cooling property can give the newborn baby cold. This fact is not proven so consult with your doctor about it.

c. Taking an overdose is not going to help rather it will harm your body. So, do not opt for a high dose of amla.

d. Always consult with your doctor about starting a medicine related to amla. Also, you should ask the doctor about the dosage and strictly follow the prescribed dosage.

e. If you are thinking of applying amla externally, make sure you are using fresh amla. And if you are buying any amla products from online or market, read the ingredients used to make the product to avoid any irritations.


Apart from amalaki being so effective for epilepsy, there are other home remedies in Ayurveda for the benefit of epileptic patients. Epilepsy in Ayurveda has been treated by some herbal products or some therapies or following a proper diet. All these methods have been useful for epileptic patients. That is why we will be talking about some home remedies in detail to clear your doubts.

1. Ayurveda has always believed in ‘doshas’ that create diseases in the human body. To remove these imbalances or ‘doshas’, an ayurvedic detox or ‘panchakarma’ method is used. This method opens up the blocked channels of body and mind that reduce the fit attacks of an epileptic patient. This method includes oil massage, steam bath, nasal medication, nervous system treatment, etc. to detoxify the body which is helpful for epileptic patients.

2. As we know that herbs work incredibly in cases of many severe diseases. In epilepsy, herbal treatment monitored by an Ayurveda specialist works very efficiently. The specialist will check your condition and they will recommend some herbs to incorporate into your daily routine. Some of these herbs are –

  1. Yastimadhu
  2. Lashuna or garlic
  3. Rasna
  4. Shankhapushpi
  5. Brahmi
  6. Vacha
  7. Hingu, etc.

3. A proper and healthy diet plan has always been a focal point in Ayurveda. It believes that if you do not lead a healthy lifestyle, the therapies would not work properly. And it is very true. We all know how a healthy diet can have a good impact on our bodies. Keeping this thing in mind, there are some tips to follow for a better condition in epilepsy –

  1. Do not consume oily, fatty, and spicy food.
  2. Avoid drinking alcohol or any heat-generating food like – coffee, tea, chili, mustard, pepper, etc.
  3. Intake food consisting of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E.
  4. Follow a ketogenic diet for a healthy body.

4. Ayurveda also believes in a peaceful lifestyle not having much stress. Dealing with your mental stress and anxiety helps to fight epilepsy as well. As an epileptic patient, anxiety, depression, mental stress, etc. are common symptoms. But dealing with it on your own, trying to reduce the stress factor alone is more beneficial than seeking help.


Amalaki and amalaki rasayan are two ayurvedic and herbal products benefiting not only epileptic patients but also other diseases as well. They both work organically in the body and do not create any severe problems. However, due to an overdose of the medicine, few experienced certain side effects in the form of problems associated with the liver. As far as the rating is concerned, amla has received 4.4 stars out of 5.

As in the case of amalaki rasayan, it also has caused side effects as many people found a problem in digestion and found amalaki churna more useful than rasayan. The average rating for the product, as per the online reviews, stands at 3.9 out of 5.


From the given information, it can be inferred that amalaki benefits a majority of people dealing with different types of diseases without creating any serious harm to their bodies. Consumption of the proper amount can never be problematic. Amla’s antioxidants build the immune system stronger and help in dealing with epilepsy as well.

The dosage may vary with the brand. Therefore, it is only smart to consult a doctor rather than consuming the medicine on your own. A prescribed dosage will ensure safety from side effects due to overdose and even no effects due to underdose.

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Ans: Amla is generally safe for more or less everyone. It has rich nutrients which help people to fight diseases. But people having low blood pressure or hypertension must be very careful before consuming amla. Also, people having bleeding disorders should be careful using amla. Consult with your doctor for the safety tips to be followed.

Ans: The best time for you to consume amla is early morning. This cleanses the colon, detoxifies the body, and prepares it for the whole day.

Ans: You can cut the raw fruit and eat it. It is definitely the best way to have amla. But if you do not want to eat it raw, you can have amla juice or amla powder or amla rasayan. These also have the same effect as amla.

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