CORRELATING YASHTIMADHU AND EPILEPSY: KNOW WHICH ONE IS POWERFUL AGAINST EPILEPSY HERE.   INTRODUCTION Epilepsy or seizure disorder is an extremely common disorder that affects about 1 million people in India, alone. The condition cannot be cured but the symptoms can be controlled and treated to help the patient’s condition. Epilepsy results in seizures due …

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SHOULD YOU CONSIDER TAKING SHANKHAPUSHPI FOR EPILEPSY? KNOW THE COMPLETE FACTS HERE. Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder in the world. It’s a result of disruptive electrical activity in the brain and is incurable, however, there are many treatments available to make the lives of epileptic patients normal and seizure-free. Most treatments are …

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USING YOGENDRA RAS IN EPILEPSY: KNOW-HOW IS IT HELPFUL HERE   Epilepsy is affecting almost 65 million people worldwide making it the fourth largest neurological disorder. In epilepsy, the patient experiences seizures from time to time. In the seizures, the patient goes through abnormal behavior symptoms and sensations. When a seizure occurs the patient has …




WHAT IS JATAMANSI? WHY SHOULD YOU BE USING JATAMANSI FOR EPILEPSY HERE? Be it Triphala Churna, Hyoscyamus 30, Ashwagandharishta or Jatamansi, Ayurveda never stops to amaze. The ancient significance of Ayurveda speaks volumes for its successful consumption and fan following even after thousands of years since its discovery. It’s like some distant memory of the …

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jatamansi powder

jatamansi powder

BRIEFING JATAMANSI POWDER FOR EPILEPSY AND OTHER NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS: KNOW THE INSIGHTS HERE   Source: INTRODUCTION Ayurveda has proven its mettle by being beneficial in the treatment of numerous ailments. Epilepsy is one such neurological ailment that can be addressed by using Ayurvedic formulations. According to the definition, a person is said to be …

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CORRESPONDING AMALAKI AND EPILEPSY GET THE COMPLETE DETAILS HERE. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the human brain and generates excessive electric discharge. Epileptic patients get multiple numbers of seizures and get fit attacks frequently. The nerves of the brain act weirdly sometimes and the body acts accordingly showing some unusual symptoms. It is …

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brahmi vati

Brahmi Vati

IS BRAHMI VATI EFFECTIVE AGAINST EPILEPSY AND OTHER NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS? ” KNOW ALL ABOUT IT HERE “   INTRODUCTION Epilepsy, one of many neurological disorders, is the most common yet often un-identified. If you have identified your condition, then you’re already halfway there! It is important to take the next step of exploring different medicinal …

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WHAT IS TAGARA? KNOW WHY IT IS CONSUMED BY EPILEPTIC PATIENTS HERE. INTRODUCTION Ayurvedic medicines have been known to have a wide range of treatments. All of them are completely natural and made from a variety of herbs, this makes their side effects more manageable if any. I’m sure you’re wondering “why Ayurveda if there’s …

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