WHY DO EPILEPTIC PATIENTS USE ZOAMATES? KNOW ITS KEY BENEFITS HERE Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which the patient gets seizures. During these seizures, the patients experience abnormal behavior and other symptoms that can also trigger other health problems. Epilepsy is counted as the fourth-largest neurological disorder that is affecting almost 65 million people …

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Shiva Gutika

Shiva Gutika

LEARNING ABOUT SHIVA GUTIKA: KNOW HOW DOES IT BENEFIT EPILEPSY AND OTHER NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS As you might already know, neurological and psychological disorders are chronic and severe in their tendency. This makes their treatment plan spread out over a period of time and something to be planned out with great care. Diseases that are as …

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Belladonna 200

belladonna 200

WHAT IS BELLADONNA 200?KNOW HOW DOES IT BENEFIT EPILEPSY AND OTHER NEUROLOGIC DISORDER. Nowadays, neurological disorders are getting very common for people. The term ‘neurologic’ sounds quite heavy to people, and most of the time they are associated with some serious diseases. Our nervous system is very complex and it controls every little movement of …

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brahmi ghrita

Brahmi ghrita

WHY IS BRAHMI GHRITA A POPULAR MEDICINE FOR EPILEPSY? KNOW HERE.   Brahmi Ghrita is an Ayurvedic formulation that contains different components. These components help in stress disorders and increase brain capacities. Ayurveda has been used for years to treat many chronic diseases and has proved itself a much effective medical science. It is one …

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