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Nowadays, neurological disorders are getting very common for people. The term ‘neurologic’ sounds quite heavy to people, and most of the time they are associated with some serious diseases. Our nervous system is very complex and it controls every little movement of our bodies. Any defect in the nervous system can cause a neurological disorder. Many people get affected by this and most of the time they are unable to understand the symptoms.

Neurological disorders can be as simple as a headache and as complex as epilepsy. Epilepsy is also a neurotic disorder that happens because of the malfunctions of some nerves. There are many other neurological disorders and among them the most common are – seizures, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, etc.

In epilepsy and other neurologic disorders, the patient suffers from a lot of behavioral changes or other symptoms. Belladonna 200 has been used to treat these symptoms quite effectively for several years. This homeopathy medicine is extracted from the leaf and the root of the belladonna plant.


The term ‘belladonna’ means ‘beautiful lady’. It is a plant-based medicine that is used to deal with long chronic pains like – arthritis and other diseases like – Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, cold, or high fever, etc. In earlier times in Italy, belladonna extract was used to increase the size of the pupil of women’s eyes. In recent times, it is used as a sedative medicine to help epileptic patients as well as other neurological patients.

Belladonna 200 is a homeopathy medicine that is used as a remedy for pain and other mental disorders. This medicine powerfully affects the nervous system when consumed orally. It has a great remedy for respiratory problems and helps to treat spasmodic cough and bronchitis.

The name clearly suggests that the medicine is made from the belladonna plant itself. The leaves and roots are usually used to make this medicine. This medicine contains alkaloids which can be harmful as well if taken too much.


Belladonna is widely known as a toxic plant that can be very harmful to health if taken by an overdose. The fact is not certain whether belladonna can resolve any medical emergencies or not. But it is still used as herbal medicine that can provide some relief to epileptic patients.

The oral medicine is taken to prevent –

  1. Excessive sweating
  2. High fever
  3. Breathing problems
  4. Inability to control or move any muscles – which are common symptoms of epilepsy.

Belladonna 200 uses the chemicals of the belladonna plant to block the functions of any nerves of the nervous system of the human body. The attacks that epileptic patients get can be blocked by the use of belladonna medicine. The alkaloids consisting in the medicine kind of numb the effects of the brain movements during the seizure attacks.

There was a case of a 5-year-old girl published in the British Medical journal where the little girl was diagnosed with epilepsy. Her fits or attacks of seizures were uncontrollable even with medications and therapies.

But small doses of belladonna cured her fits slowly which proves that belladonna is effective for epilepsy. But not all patients face the same thing.


In spite of being a toxic plant, belladonna is used in medical therapies. The sedative nature of belladonna is utilized in medicine. Atropine and scopolamine, the two chemicals are extracted from belladonna which has important medical aspects.

These two chemicals work more or less similar and help the body to fight some neurological disorders as well as some other diseases that are –

  1. Parkinson’s disease
  2. Motion sickness
  3. Pink eye
  4. High fever
  5. Irritable bowel syndrome
  6. Nerve problems
  7. Pain of arthritis
  8. Inflammation
  9. Whooping cough
  10. Flu
  11. Gout
  12. Bronchitis
  13. Asthma, etc.


The price of belladonna 200 may vary depending on the manufacturing company. Not only the brand but the power or potency is also another factor for the price. High potency medicine costs much more than low potency medicine.

The average price of belladonna 200 ranges in between Rs. 100/- to Rs. 150/-. This price range is generally for 200 CH power of the medicine. But for higher power of 1000 CH, the price can get to Rs. 180/- as well.

There are a lot of manufacturers that produce this medicine. Some of the well-known brands are – Dr. Reckeweg, SBL Belladonna, Adel Belladonna, Lords Belladonna, B Jain Belladonna, Hering Pharmacy’s Belladonna, etc. All these brands have their different price ranges but none of them are too expensive. Given the advantages, the price is very much affordable for common people. You can easily buy a cheaper one among them.


The dosage of belladonna 200 is variable depending on the age and condition of the patient. It is recommended to follow the instructions written on the label of the medicine. The minimum dosage of the medicine can be 3 to 5 drops diluted in one teaspoon of water. This procedure can be followed three times a day.

But one thing you should always remember is that herbal or homeopathy medicines can be risky as well. To avoid any risk factors, it is best to consult with your doctor before using such a strong medicine as belladonna 200. Consumption of this medicine provides relief from nerve pain and other symptoms.


To understand the relation between this medicine with epileptic patients and also neurotic diseases, we must know about the basic and important facts about the diseases.

A. What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurotic dysfunction that can be assumed as a bigger picture of multiple seizures. The nerves of the brain act weirdly sometimes and the body acts accordingly showing some unusual symptoms. The seizure symptoms appear frequently within one hour for an epileptic patient. Almost 65 billion people all around the world suffer from epilepsy.

B. Causes of epilepsy: Is it hereditary?

There is no singular reason determined for epilepsy. Many types of research have shown a fact that epilepsy can be hereditary but it is not the sole reason behind the disease. There are other reasons as well which cause epilepsy. Some of the most common reasons to be diagnosed are –

  1. Serious brain injuries
  2. Brain tumor or cyst
  3. Brain surgeries
  4. High fever
  5. Stroke, etc.

C. Symptoms of epilepsy:

Symptoms of epilepsy can be very general as well as severe. Sometimes the symptoms may get overlooked by the patient themselves. But the most common symptoms that are noticed in epileptic patients are listed below –

  1. Blankly staring at nothing or a certain object or person
  2. Not responding to anything or anybody
  3. The body getting stiff
  4. Repeating the same movements again and again
  5. Shaking of the body
  6. Starting to bite the tongue
  7. Losing consciousness, etc.

D. What are some neurotic diseases?

The nervous system of the human body is the most complex system out of the whole animal world. And that is why any kind of small malfunction of any nerves can cause some neurotic disorder. Neurotic disorders are also very common diseases. Some of them are – stroke, headache, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, etc.

All the diseases have different kinds of symptoms which are very obvious. Understanding those symptoms is very important because neurological diseases can arise in medical emergencies at any point of time.

E. Alternative treatments for epilepsy and neurologic disorders:

There are many options of treatment for epilepsy and neurologic disorders. While epilepsy is not totally a curable disease, some neurologic diseases may be cured with proper treatment and medications. For these diseases, there are some common ways of treating them.

1. Surgeries and therapies:

In most cases of epilepsy and neurological diseases, surgeries are the best options to opt for. Medical science has grown a lot in these years and many new methods of surgery have been introduced. These methods have resulted effectively for the diseases.

Apart from the option of surgery, another great treatment is therapy sessions. Many unique therapies are getting introduced almost every day for neurological diseases and epilepsy. Opting for these therapy sessions regularly helps to cure the diseases.

2. Homeopathy treatment:

Another popular treatment method is homeopathy. It is definitely a long-time process but often the results are better than allopathy. Homeopathic medicines do not have severe side effects which is another point for choosing this method.

3. Ayurvedic remedies:

Ayurveda has provided a lot of benefits to people for centuries. Although there is no scientific proof behind the remedies, they work out for patients unbelievably. Ayurveda is merged with a healthy leading lifestyle to have better results.


For epileptic patients or patients dealing with several neurological diseases, allopathy medicines always result in having side effects. Long-term diseases do not have any compact process of treatment but belladonna 200 benefits them with a sense of relief during their attacks of disease.

The neuro-transmitting chemicals calm down the nerve pains and ease out the nervous system. The alkaloids or the ‘deadly nightshade’ working as the neurotransmitters produce local and systemic anticholinergics that create a sedative nature and soothes the nerves.


As we have discussed previously, belladonna is regarded as a toxic plant, it is very obvious that belladonna 200 will definitely have some side effects. Belladonna plant is so poisonous that eating the berries can kill children and even its leaves also create an irritation on the skin. Because of its harmful nature, an overdose of this medicine can have a lot of repercussions on the human body.

Also, the FDA does not monitor the quality of belladonna medicines. That is why using belladonna can be risky. Some of the side effects of this medicine are –

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Muscle spasms
  3. Blurred vision
  4. Red and dry skin
  5. Enlarged pupil
  6. Not sweating
  7. Hallucinating
  8. Inability to urinate
  9. Convulsions
  10. Seizures
  11. Coma
  12. Fast heartbeats, etc.

Also, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers may have additional risks using belladonna during this period. Belladonna 200 use can cause different side effects for them and also can affect the baby. The use of it can create a lot of severe problems for women.

Belladonna can create bad side effects if consumed with other medications. Anti-depression pills or allergy medicines do not get along with belladonna at all. This creates unwanted situations for the patients.


Knowing the risk factors of belladonna 200, it is a wise decision to follow some strict safety measurements to avoid any complications.

1. Belladonna is a toxic plant and that is why belladonna 200 should be consumed strictly after consulting with the doctor.

2. Do not take an overdose of the prescribed dose from your doctor.

3. If you have not consulted with any doctor, follow the written instructions available on the label of the medicine.

4. Belladonna is strong medicine and for that reason, children under 12-year age should not be consuming this medicine at all.

5. When belladonna is consumed orally, the risk factors are always high. Stick to the minimum dose and dilute it properly in water before taking it orally.

6. Pregnant women generally face many complications during their pregnancy and belladonna is highly unsafe for them at that time. It can increase the risk factor of their pregnancy as well as can affect the unborn baby.

7. Also, breastfeeding mothers must avoid using belladonna as it can reduce milk production. It can harm the baby through the mother’s breast milk as well.

8. If you have any prior severe diseases, you must avoid consuming belladonna 200. As it can increase the uneasiness of your body and show a lot of side effects. Always, consult with your doctor before starting a powerful medicine like this.

9. Do not substitute any of your prescribed medicines with belladonna 200. It will only cause harm to your own body.

10. People having down syndrome, constipation, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, urinary retention, etc. should not opt for this medicine. It only increases the risk factors of the diseases.


Belladonna 200 is definitely a risky medicine but there are many people who have been using this medicine for many years. There are mixed reviews from people about the medicine. Some find it quite effective for their pain and other diseases.

While others have found it as a very strong sedative medicine and also got rashes as a side effect. The effectiveness, easy method of using, satisfaction mixed with the negative feedback of getting fast heartbeats, seizures, hallucinations have scored an all overrating of 3.8 for this medicine.


Belladonna 200 can be a useful medicine only if the person taking this medicine is always under the observation of a doctor. The use of the medicine should be limited no matter what otherwise this can lead to complicated situations.

Though belladonna 200 benefits epileptic patients and neurological disorders, it can generate seizures or other issues as well. There are many pieces of research available in this field and that is why it can not be regarded as fully safe or unsafe.


Ans: Belladonna 200 is a homeopathy medicine that is used to get relief from high fever, nerve pain, and some other diseases as well. It is a chemical extract from the leaves and roots of the belladonna plant.

Ans: Yes, as a homeopathy medicine belladonna 200 helps to have a good and deep sleep. It calms down the brain and helps to deal with insomnia. It helps people with general insomnia but consuming a prescribed amount of dose is recommended.

Ans: Belladonna is a strong sedative medicine. Do not give it to babies or young children as it can cause severe effects on their bodies. It can create constipation, agitation, breathing problems, and also seizures. Children under 12-year age are highly vulnerable if this medicine is given to them.

Ans: Belladonna was used in different pain and other problems over the ages. Earlier, FDA had given approval to belladonna but after knowing its severe side effects on children the FDA has withdrawn the approval. Most of the homeopathy medicines are not approved by the FDA and belladonna 200 is also one of them.

Ans: Belladonna also known as the deadly nightshade is a poisonous plant. It contains alkaloids that are risky elements for the body. It can be harmful if consumed by an overdose. Children, as well as adults, can get affected badly by this plant.

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