SHOULD YOU BE TRYING LAUKI JUICE FOR EPILEPSY?“KNOW HOW CAN IT BENEFIT EPILEPSY HER” Epilepsy is a cluster of neurological disorders that cause the recurrence of epileptic seizures. These epileptic seizures are an anomalous electrical occurrence in the human brain due to which a person feels an uncontrollable shaking in the body, the duration of …



iksir shifa

IKSIR SHIFA FOR EPILEPSY: “KNOW-HOW IS IT EFFECTIVE FOR UNANI HERE” Iksir Shifa is a medicine that belongs to Unani medical science. Unani Medical science is considered pseudo-scientific. This medical system is based on Greek medical science and is partly influenced by Indian and Chinese medical techniques as well. Yunani Medical science is recently gaining …

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TAKING FOLINZ FOR EPILEPSY: KNOW HOW IT IS HELPFUL FOR PATIENTS HERE Loss of consciousness or epilepsy is becoming common in India. Folinz medicine is one of the best medicines we could ask for. Get full knowledge about the medicine here. The best way to describe our childhood world is that we lived in the …

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mentat tablet

mentat tablet

MENTAT TABLET FOR EPILEPTIC PATIENTS:KNOW HOW IT HELPS THE EPILEPSY AND SEIZURES HERE INTRODUCTION Epilepsy is a complex disorder to navigate. It can entail memory loss, mental fatigue, decreased association with reality, and many other unique symptoms to every individual who suffers from it. It is important to explore different medicines that can be right …

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