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Epilepsy, one of many neurological disorders, is the most common yet often un-identified. If you have identified your condition, then you’re already halfway there! It is important to take the next step of exploring different medicinal choices that the market has for you to experiment with.

No attempt to understand how different medicines aid your body is a useless attempt. Brahmi Vati is an Ayurvedic alternative to control epileptic and other neurological disorder symptoms. Keep reading this article to take the next step in your journey to finding the proper treatment for you!


Brahmi Vati is a product of Ayurvedic practices and beliefs. There are three varieties under this. However, we will be focusing on the Brahmi Vati memory enhancer and Brahmi Vati gold. These are Ayurvedic medicines in tablet forms, where they are used for treating depression, anxiety, tremors, panic attacks, and maintaining blood pressure. Keep reading to find out how a Brahmi Vati tablet could help you control problems raised by Epilepsy and other neurological disorders!


Brahmi Vati’s two varieties have different ingredients, but the main ingredient is Brahmi. It is a perennial herb that has been used in various manners. Brahmi can help get rid of inflammation in the throat and respiratory tract if it is boiled and served as tea.

You can also take Brahmi powder along with milk which will help prevent brain-cell damage by killing radicals with the help of its antioxidant properties. It can also be used for healing processes on the skin and hair. Brahmi Vati memory enhancer and Brahmi Vati gold are tablets that utilize other ingredients and offer benefits for psychological disorders and seizure symptoms.



Many manufacturers in the Indian market value the properties of this herb. Out of a long list, I have procured three of the most used by customers and hence testified for.

Dabur is a manufacturer of Brahmi Vati, a trusted manufacturer since 1884. They offer a variety of options like Dabur Brahmi Vati and Dabur Brahmi Vati with Gold and Pearls.

Himalaya is another prominent manufacturer of Brahmi Vati that provides a bottle of 60 Brahmi Vati tablet. It does not offer variety but boasts of using pure herbs in its composition.

Baidyanath started in 1917. It has launched a single bottle of Brahmi Vati tablet as well but provides options in buying 20 tablets at once, or 80. It claims to help in the weakness of muscles as well.


  • Brahmi

This ingredient helps in reducing stress and anxiety by lowering levels of cortisol which is the stress hormone. It eases symptoms of Alzheimer’s as well by rebuilding brain tissues that help in influencing the brain cells better. It is also a good memory booster, immune system strengthener, pain relief giver, and regeneration of skin and hair.

  • Swarna Makshik Bhasma

This ingredient consists of ore of Copper and Iron Pyrite. They have aphrodisiac and anti-aging properties. Besides that, it is used in Ayurvedic treatments of diabetes, skin diseases, etc., but it is most useful in its treatment of insomnia, inflammations, and hemorrhoids.

  • Ras Sindoor

It is an Ayurvedic medicine that is used in improving immunity, rebuilding strength, and more. It helps in ridding the patient of abdominal pain, inflammation, tuberculosis, asthma, anemia, digestive problems, and even unhealing wounds.

  • Shankhapushpi

This element of medicine is very famous for being used to improve memory and intelligence. It is best known for removing free radicals from the body and other toxins that may be unhealthy and hindering development. It also helps in other conditions like vomiting. It is also used for de-addiction.


  • Aids in Memory Loss issues

Some Brahma Vati benefits include working on memory loss as its antioxidants help remove radical elements present in the brain. This, in turn, helps in increasing the learning and retaining potential. It is also very helpful in bringing around mental awareness and alertness. Lastly, it helps in reducing the accumulation of a protein that has been found to cause Alzheimer’s.

  • Relieves Anxiety

Brahmi Vati is anxiolytic, which means that it has anti-anxiety properties. While it is helping in improving the memory span, it can help reduce mental fatigue and anxiety by preventing neuroinflammation, which is a root cause of anxiety formation.

  • Helps Epilepsy

Brahmi Vati also helps in protecting brain cells with its richness in antioxidants. When an epileptic attack takes place, your brain suffers from a lack of production and inactivity of certain genes and proteins. Brahmi Vati stimulates them and reverses the effects of Epilepsy.

  • Pain relief

Brahmi Vati benefits also include managing chronic pain. This is because of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that help in repairing nerve damage or injury. It blocks the detection of pain by nerve cells, causing the pain to be felt less as well.

  • Cures Depression

Brahmi Vati has neuroprotective and antidepressant elements present in it. These help in managing mental disorders like anxiety, depression, mood swings, and more. It helps in managing the by-products of other types of disorders that can lead to mental health issues.


  • If you are taking thyroid drugs, I would recommend you to monitor your TSH levels. This is because Brahmi Vati Gold may work on increasing your thyroid hormone levels which is undesirable for patients of the thyroid.
  • If you are on sedatives, you must get a recommendation from your doctor on the dosage of Brahmi Vati. The medicine may interact with the sedatives and cause unpredictable issues.
  • Suppose you are facing liver issues or have a habit of drinking alcohol. In such a case, you must consider a consultation with your doctor regarding the combination of liver drugs you might already be taking alongside taking the Brahmi Vati tablet.
  • Individuals with stomach ulcers should not take this medicine as it can increase stomach and intestinal secretions. This would not help in battling the sensitive ulcer.
  • In cases of asthma or emphysema, the medicine might increase fluid secretions in the lungs and cause complications with your pre-existing conditions. An appointment with your doctor will help you understand what you can expect from the medicine.
  • People with heart rate issues may face problems as Brahmi Vati decreases heart rate for some people. You should probably monitor your heart rate more often than usual while taking this medicine.


  • This medicine might create dryness in the mouth.
  • Some people who are more prone to headaches or have sinus problems may feel nauseous during their first few dosages.
  • The medicine might cause you to feel thirsty, so drink water as often as you can.
  • Brahmi Vati may increase or decrease your heart rate. Remember to check your heart rate every now and then to monitor and identify any cases of unusual behavior.
  • Since this medication is pretty strong, it might cause gastritis. It increases stomach secretions and might over-produce for some.
  • There is not enough research done about the effects of Brahmi Vati on pregnant women, lactating women, and children. It is recommended to avoid taking this medication during pregnancy or giving it to your children as brain tonics.


After a proper consultation with your doctor, 1-2 tablets will be recommended to you on a daily basis. Often, they are asked to be taken alongside raisins and honey, amla, etc., if your consultation is held with an Ayurvedic medicinal doctor.

It is recommended to be administered for a period of time ranging from one to five months. However, based on your circumstances, the dosage can be taken for longer and tapered if needed.

It is not easy to form a habit with this medicine. Your doctor will recommend a reduction of the dosage in case you do not need the aid of the medicine any longer.


Himalaya’s Brahmi Vati is priced at 165 rupees. It contains 60 tablets. The manufacturer does not provide any other variety.

Baidyanath’s Brahmi Vati medicine is priced at 199 rupees. It contains 80 tablets. This manufacturer does not provide any other variety.

Dabur’s Brahmi Vati is priced at 150 rupees. It contains 40 tablets. This manufacturer also provides a variation called Brahmi Vati Gold and Pearl. Brahmi Vati Gold benefits are endless, focusing most on strengthening the nervous system.


Epilepsy is one of many neurological disorders that can affect a person’s life based on an unpredictable rhythm. It can be pretty tricky to identify whether you have Epilepsy if your episodes are mild and have occurred in isolation. However, it does not make it safe to delay the process of identification and treatment.

With the possibility of memory loss from epileptic episodes present, there is more to be understood about the condition and paid close attention to. Of course, Epilepsy can be worked upon through various means. Still, it is important to research what side effects you suffer from and what treatments are available that would work best for you as the disorder affects different individuals differently.


Epilepsy consists of a seizure or series of seizures that may be mild or severe. They take place when electrical activity hits an overdrive while going to your brain. There are three phases of Epilepsy that we must go through in order to understand its nature to learn how to prevent and treat it.

The Warning Phase

Emotional symptoms entail feeling unfamiliar with routine, recurring circumstances, places, or people, panic, and even dizzying racing thoughts.

Physical symptoms before an epileptic episode occur include tingling of muscles and even feelings of puking.

The Ictal phase

The symptoms of your Epilepsy can be drastically different from another person’s epileptic attacks.

  • A loss of control over your throat muscles is common. This includes not being able to talk, eat, and even frequently facing difficulty controlling your drooling and biting your tongue.
  • A loss of awareness in extreme cases can accompany visual hallucinations. Sounds can become distorted and even become silent. In less severe cases, one might feel mildly confused and tired.
  • Unpredictable twitching of body parts or your entire body can take place. In fact, loss of control over one’s bladder or bowel can also take place.
  • There are some cases where epileptic people can become hyperactive and have urges to walk or run. They might also feel the need to ease urges of making repeating movements like fidgeting and playing with objects.
  • There are some cases as well where some individuals who have Epilepsy are able to continue their routine despite being in the middle of their Ictal phase.
  • Blurry visions are common, but the loss of vision or experiencing light flashes can also take place.

The Final phase

This is the most noticeable evidence of a seizure are injuries that may be left behind. Body aches are common and might be experienced due to the muscle stress caused by an epileptic episode. One might go about their day as usual in less severe cases or fall asleep for hours on end.


  • Trauma to the Head

Incidents that can cause physical trauma around the head region can leave behind untreatable issues. Seizures can be a consequence of such injuries. If you have a past incident where you have incurred a head injury and have begun noticing gaps in memory, this is a pretty good indication.

  • Genetics

The brain region that is affected by Epilepsy can be a part of genetic influence. While it is only a small part of the cause of epileptic symptoms, it can make you more sensitive to environmental triggers. Knowing your family’s medical history can serve as helpful in this case.

  • Developmental disorders

Prenatal injury can be a leading cause of developmental issues. This includes infections during pregnancy, and poor nutrition. This can cause cerebral palsy or Epilepsy. Epilepsy is also associated with autism and neurofibromatosis. Understand your medical history to discuss the possible connections you might have with suffering from Epilepsy with your doctor.

  • Brain conditions

Brain conditions like tumors or strokes can also be linked to Epilepsy. As their symptoms are closely related, it is not very far off to develop symptoms of Epilepsy as well.


  • Precautions from incurring brain injuries

As brain injuries can accelerate the chances of Epilepsy and other neurological disorders to be triggered, it is best to take precautions while driving, playing sports, and other physical activities that might put you at high risk.

  • Lower chances of heart issues

Exercising is an excellent way to reduce the chances of strokes or epilepsy symptoms from occurring often as it helps keep your heart healthy. Eating healthy with the exercise regime is also recommended. Consult with a dietician. It is also best to stop inhaling first-hand and second-hand smoke and active smoking addictions to avoid producing toxins into your body that might affect your brain.

  • Vaccinations against infections that can risk developing Epilepsy

Certain infections like AIDS, meningitis, and viral encephalitis can cause neurological issues. Taking vaccinations against these infections can help reduce the chances of developing symptoms in case of genetic history and inclinations.

  • Prenatal care

During pregnancy, prenatal care is important. Developmental issues might occur that can increase chances of stroke and Epilepsy in the child’s life later on.


  1. Epilepsy runs the risk of causing loss of memory in the patients right after an epileptic episode. Brahmi Vati boosts memory span with the help of its antioxidants and helps the brain increase its retaining potential.
  2. Epilepsy and other neurological disorders can cause a sense of unfamiliarity, confusion, and disconnect from reality. Brahmi Vati tablet helps in bringing mental alertness.
  3. Epileptic attacks often accompany anxiety and panic. Brahmi Vati’s anxiolytic properties help reduce the mental fatigue that can be caused by the episode.
  4. An epileptic episode can be delayed or quickly ended with the help of Brahmi Vati. This is because it protects your brain cells by stimulating specific inactive genes, proteins, and pathways.
  5. Epilepsy causes many jerking movements, which can lead to chronic pain and muscle soreness. Brahmi Vati’s anti-inflammatory properties help in repairing nerve damages and reduces the pain felt by the patient.
  6. Brahmi Vati helps control mood swings and brings a sense of stability in the individual who might be going through a seizure or an epileptic episode.


Brahmi Vati uses Ayurvedic knowledge that is now scientifically backed as well. It is a valued product in the Indian market with various manufacturers to choose from. It has more benefits than risks and can be a viable treatment aid after a consultation with your doctor. Neurological disorders like Epilepsy can be challenging to deal with, but it does not have to remain a stagnant status for the rest of your life. You can prevent and control your symptoms with proper routine changes, medication, and a sound support system.


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