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A 15-year-old child named Manu was facing seizures quite often. He loved eating food, especially potatoes and was turning fat day by day. When he visited his doctor, after examining him he was recommended Calcarea Carbonica. This is homeopathic medicine. After taking this medicine for about 3-4 months, his health began to improve and his epilepsy was under control.

Alia was a very responsible girl. She was 25 years old. But she felt very overwhelmed when she faced stress. She was also having paralysis. Calcarea Carbonica, homeopathic medicine, was advised by the doctor after examining her body and medical history.

After 6 months, she felt incredible, her paralysis was gone. This medicine was quite effective in the neurological disorder she was facing.

In the above instances, we can see how Calcarea Carbonica helps in curing epilepsy and neurological disease. This medicine is very beneficial to people who get easily tired by doing physical activities and who experience anxiety and overload as a result of a job or stress.

The person’s appearance can be chilly, flabby, or overweight, and may be aggravated by cold and wetness. The most common symptoms seen are Backaches, swelling joints, and night sweat. People who require this treatment frequently develop a craving for eggs and sweets. Continue reading to know more about this homeopathic medicine.




These medicines have their origin in Germany. Homeopathy is a medical approach founded on the notion that the body can homeopathy heal itself. It is practiced by using trace amounts of natural ingredients such as plants and minerals. These natural ingredients help in the healing process. Homeopathic doctors dilute these natural ingredients with water or alcohol. You all must be thinking why is it done? It is believed by these doctors that by diluting the healing essence and lowering the dose, the effects are stronger!

Epilepsy is a recurring neurological disorder. In this disorder the nerve cells of the neurons in the brain occasionally send out faulty signals, resulting in seizures. These neurons then transmit electrical and chemical signals to other neurons, glands, and muscles which results in abnormal human thoughts, feelings, and actions. This surge of abnormal electrical activity creates involuntary actions, sensations, emotions, and behaviors, and the temporary disruption of normal neural function may cause a loss of awareness. Epilepsies are caused due to homeopathy brain wiring defect, an imbalance in nerve communication in the brain, or maybe due to a combination of these reasons.

Talking about neurological disorders, this disorder affects the brain, nerves, and spinal cord. A person in need of this cure is usually responsible, but feels overwhelmed when stressed and fears breakdown. A variety of symptoms can be caused by structural, metabolic, or electrical abnormalities in the brain, spinal cord, or other nerves.

Neurological problems are caused because of factors that include genetic illnesses, congenital disorders, infections, poor lifestyle, health issues such as malnutrition, and brain injury, spinal cord injury, and nerve injury. Due to this disorder, a person can have paralysis, weak muscles, seizures, pain, and other related problems.

So, now the question is how can the problem of epilepsy and nervous disorders be cured? Read on and find the answer in this article.

The core tenet of homeopathy is that “like cures like.” This means that anything that causes symptoms in a healthy person can be used to treat sickness with identical symptoms in a very little quantity. You all must have experienced or seen your mother cutting a red onion can empathize homeopathic while cutting red onion eyes becomes watery. This red onion is used in many homeopathic medicines to cure allergies.

Homeopathy medicines are used to cure a wide range of diseases like asthma, depression, and many others.

Therefore, Homeopathy is founded on two fundamental principles:

1. If a substance causes symptoms in a healthy person then that substance may be used to treat other symptoms and illnesses. This principle is known as “like cures like,” and

2. The more diluted the substance, the more effective it is. This principle is known as the “law of infinitesimals.”



Calcarea Carbonica, homeopathy medicine that helps in the treatment of epilepsy and nervous system disorders. Not only it treats epilepsy and the nervous system but also treats nutritional diseases as well as disorders of the stomach, teethHomeopathy, nose, and in females. Nevertheless, it also helps in curing respiratory diseases such as heavy breathing and shortness of breath.

This medicine is also known as Cal carb. You all must have heard about oysters, maybe some of you might have eaten it also. What is the relevance of Oyster here? To make this medicine oysters’ shell middle calcium layer is used. If we talk in chemical terms, Calcarea Carbonica is impure calcium carbonate.

This medicine is made by the process of trituration. In this process, the triturated material is crushed until it becomes powder. This medicine is used to treat many problems, including acne, arthritis, epilepsy, and nervous disorders. Who are the people who require this medicine? These people have a voracious appetite, they may gain weight quickly, and become fat. Moreover, these people generally have low stamina and suffer from shortness of breath when they do physical exercises like climbing stairs or slopes.

Calcarea Carbonica is a polychrest remedy as well as an antipsoric remedy. Polychrest is the term used in homeopathy which means a remedy that has numerous uses. It is safe to use because it is based on a homeopathic formulation.



This medicine is a polychrest medicine which means this medicine is used to cure many diseases. Some of the companies that manufacture this medicine are:

1.Sharda Boiron Laboratories

This company manufactures homeopathic medicines in India. It was this company that had established the first-ever homeopathic plant in India. SBL is the only company whose Research and Development Lab is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The motto of the company is to provide excellent quality homeopathic medicines at a low cost. The pillar of their strength is the ongoing research and the development they do. With the research, they not only improve the product but also find new homeopathic medicines that can be used for other diseases like diabetes.



This company has its presence in many countries. Established in 1993, Rxhomeo now is one of the leading companies in homeopathic medicines. They aim to manufacture the best homeopathic medicines at affordable prices and make homeopathy the first choice for every family throughout the world, bringing it to the forefront of healthcare as a mainstream medicine rather than alternative medicine.


3.Dr. Willmar Schwabe

This company’s foundation was intended to represent a pivotal point in medical history. Started in 1997, the Company is one of the best online homeopathy pharmacies. Homeopathic medicines that are manufactured here are of excellent quality and sold at very affordable rates. This Company doesn’t compromise on quality.


4.Dr. Reckeweg

This company has more than 70 years of experience in manufacturing effective homeopathic medicines carefully. It is a company which is located in Germany, having a good record of generating homeopathic combination treatments based on their research. Due to this, they have earned the trust of therapists, patients, and customers all over the world.



Calcarea Carbonica is used to develop the body and its functions. Other uses of Calcarea Carbonica are:

1. For people who don’t get enough calcium from their diet this medicine works wonders on them. By taking this medicine, their low blood calcium levels can be controlled.

2. This low calcium level causes severe problems such as loss of bones or may weaken their bones and decrease the parathyroid gland activity. This medicine is used to treat all these problems.

3. It is also used in certain people like pregnant women, or postmenopausal women, even to those taking certain medicines such as phenytoin, Phenobarbital, or prednisone.

4. This medicine when used on epilepsy patients has great effects. They feel relaxed after falling asleep and also have to sweat on their head and neck.

5. Its use can control the mind and nerves of a person and make him feel relaxed.



The treatment of epilepsy focuses on controlling the abnormal condition of the body and the seizures. Calcarea Carbonica is used to treat epilepsy. The people who use this medicine feel relaxed after falling asleep and also have to sweat on their heads and neck.

This medicine has a strong clinical record. A person who is constantly afraid of having an epileptic seizure would withdraw as much as possible from the outer world and tend to isolate himself, overthink about his condition, and become sad or depressed. There is no other medicine that can help to control this disorder.

The main signs that indicate that this medicine should be taken are uneasiness, irregular heartbeats, anxious mood despair, irritability, memory weakness, loss of consciousness, vertigo, and convulsions.


This medicine is prescribed for trustworthy, strong people who become overwhelmed by physical illness or overwork and begin to fear a breakdown. This medicine works like a gem in helping them cure their neurological disorders and help them live a good life.

When they are tired, their thoughts can become jumbled and unclear, adding to their anxiousness. Worry and negative news may upset them, and they may acquire a persistent fear of calamity. Height phobia and claustrophobia are also frequent.

A person who requires this medicine is frequently chilly and sluggish, has a sweet tooth, and is easily exhausted.


Calcarea Carbonica is a very effective medicine in treating diseases of the human body. The following are the benefits of this medicine:

· Controls or reduces the seizures

· Helps in maintaining balance in the human body

· Aids in the reduction of inflammation of glands

· Effectively relieves pain and itching in the ears.

· It is beneficial in the treatment of ulcers and nasal blockages.

· It is effective in relieving scalp itching.

· Aids in the treatment of tonsillitis and parotid gland infections.

· Helps in making a person relaxed

· Helps in treating neurological disorders

· Controls vertigo



This medicine is used to cure many diseases, it is manufactured by many companies. Many toxic chemicals can be found in these medicines, thus it is advised to buy only from the companies which you know and trust, from those with a good reputation or a homeopathic practitioner. . Due to these toxic chemicals, you can have side effects.

Calcarea Carbonica has little of the natural material in the pills that adverse effects are less likely to be seen. Furthermore, because Calcarea Carbonica is used for constitutional treatment rather than acute illnesses, therefore it is less likely to worsen the patient’s condition.

Because homeopathic treatments are so dilute, they are extremely unlikely to interfere with allopathic medications. But if you still notice any side effects, immediately visit your doctor and stop using the medicine.


This medicine is manufactured by many companies such as Dr. William Schwabe India, Sharda Boiron Laboratories, etc. Therefore the price of the medicine differs. The price of the medicine generally starts from Rs 50.


A person should take this medicine only when it is prescribed by the doctor. But the question is how does a doctor know that this medicine needs to be prescribed? If any person visits a doctor with the below symptoms, the doctor recommends Calcarea Carbonica. The list is not exhaustive, there are other symptoms as well.


1. Weak muscles

2. Paralysis

3. Frequent seizures

4. Excess Sweating

5. Swelling in glands

6. Who gets tired easily

7. Acnes

8. Arthritis

9. Weird behavior

10. Loss of awareness

11. Carving to eat food especially eggs and sweets

12. Pain in joints and back

13. Easily get stressed



Before jumping to how to use this medicine let us know some safety tips/precautions about this medicine.


  1. Make sure you keep this medicine away from your kids and pets
  2. At the back of the medicine, the direction for used are mentioned, this must be read carefully
  3. Not to be kept near substances having a strong smell like perfumes.
  4. Take a high protein and low carbohydrate diet
  5. Make sure to check the expiry date.
  6. Don’t keep it in direct sunlight and heat as they lose their powers
  7. Never exceed the recommended or prescribed dose
  8. It is advised not to take medicines by your wish.
  9. Must be used only if the seal, as well as the cap of the medicine (in case it is in bottle form), is not broken
  10. Avoid consuming alcohol till the time you are taking this medicine
  11. Immediately consult your doctor if any symptoms are there.
  12. This medicine must be stored in a cool and dark place
  13. In the case of pregnant women or women feeding their babies, consultation with a doctor is advised.
  14. Keep a gap between medicine and food


A Calcarea Carbonica dosage differs from person to person. It is always advised to take medicines after consulting a doctor. This medicine either comes in the form of tablets or pellets or Homeopathyliquid form. It is recommended to take one tablet or five drops of the medicine every 1 to 4 hours for acute and self-limiting ailments. If the doses do not show any improvement, try a different remedy or seek advice from your doctor.

It is suggested that the person consuming this medicine (in case it is in liquid form) should take this medicine directly into the mouth without any water. For maximum results take this medicine regularly.


Calcarea carbonica is one of the most commonly used materials in life processes, and therefore it is one of the most commonly given polychrest remedies. This medicine Calc carb is prescribed by almost every doctor for curing diseases including simple colds, cancer, heart failure, neurological disease, and mental illness.

Calcarea being a homeopathic medicine is prescribed using homeopathic principles following a thorough study about the patient’s health. It is always recommended that before using this medicine or even after taking the medicine, it is always best to check with a naturopathic doctor or homeopathic practitioner, especially if your health is affected or your symptoms do not clear quickly. Also, make sure to take the diet that is advised by your doctor.



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