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Chandanadi Vati is a medicine that has been used to treat many acute and chronic diseases. This medicine comes under Ayurvedic medical practice. Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice that has been followed since the time when there were no modern techniques to cure diseases. Ayurveda believes in treating the cause of the disease instead of relaxing the symptoms.

It gives a sure and permanent cure to the disease. Ayurvedic treatments usually take a period to cure the disease permanently. It balances all the elements of the body and fulfills the deficiencies to recover the patient from the disease. With many chronic and short-term diseases, this practice is also used to balance several disorders of the body. Chandanadi Vati is one such Ayurvedic medicine that has been used by physicians to treat chronic diseases and provide a permanent cure to the body.

Chandanadi Vati has proved its effectiveness to cure diabetic patients, but is it really effective in curing epilepsy? Here is the full information about it.


There are several herbs used to create Chandanadi Vati. Safed Chandan, Goshukra, Kababchini, Safed Ral, Gandhabiroja, Kattha, Amla, Kapur, Rasaut, Gairik, Pashanbhed are the major components of this combination. The 4 main components of medicine are Amla, Goshukra, camphor, and cardamom. The health benefits of these components are-

  • Amla- Promotes immunity, used to reduce swelling after an injury, beneficial for liver health, heart health, kidney health, and digestion. Balance urination flow.
  • Goshukra- Detoxifies and lowers blood sugar level. Used to increase the flow of urination.
  • Camphor- Treats pain warts and cold sores. It also increases blood flow.
  • Cardamom- Helps in digestive problems and ulcers. Also helpful in lower blood pressure, treats bad breath. Cancer-fighting compounds are also found in cardamom.


Chandanavi Vati is packed with compounds that can look after almost all the problems of a human body. The ingredients used in the curation of this vati are known to have uncounted health benefits.

Here are the following health benefits of Chandanadi Vati

  • Gonorrhea- Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted bacterial disease that can affect any gender. It can affect the urethra, cervix(in females), throat, and rectum. It causes painful urination and sometimes abnormal discharge. Chandanadi Vati has Amla and Goshukra that are helpful in the flow of urination. It also helps in reducing the burning sensation while urinating.
  • Painful Urination- Other than gonorrhea, if the painful urination occurs due to any other reason, Chandanadi Vati can also treat that as well.
  • Diabetes- Goshukra also helps in controlling blood sugar level hence, is beneficial for diabetic patients.
  • Cystitis- Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder that is caused by bacterial infection. It also affects the urination process. Chandanadi Vati uses many ingredients that are useful in improving the flow of urination.


A maximum of 2 tablets a day should be taken with lukewarm water. It can be taken before or after a meal. The course duration suggested is 1 month. It is best to start the dosage after consulting a physician, they can suggest the dose and duration according to the condition of the patient.


Chandanadi thailam also known as Chandanani taila is an oil that is applied to the skin to relax the burning sensation. Chandanadi oil can be used on any part of the body. It acts as a coolant that cools down the skin sensation. Chandanadi thailam uses Chandan, pookaitha, and ashwagandha which act as a cooling agents.


While Chandanadi Vati has not shown any benefits on epilepsy, Chandanadi thailam is certainly useful for balancing the disorder that causes epilepsy. The cooling sensation when applied to the scalp helps the patient to relax which reduces the chances of seizure.
A seizure is a time when the patient shows the symptoms of epilepsy and reduced seizure means lesser effects of epilepsy on patients.


A higher dosage of the medicine can imbalance the blood sugar level. Always consult a doctor for dosage and the course duration.


Chandanadi Vati is used to treat several issues related to urinary problems and bacterial infections. It should not be used to treat epilepsy. On the other hand, using Chandanadi oil to massaging the scalp for epilepsy patients can prove beneficial to them.

Chandanadi Oil is easily available in the market and is very easy to use. It also deals with stress and provides a sound sleep to the user.


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