Epilepsy is a cluster of neurological disorders that cause the recurrence of epileptic seizures. These epileptic seizures are an anomalous electrical occurrence in the human brain due to which a person feels an uncontrollable shaking in the body, the duration of the seizure can be very short but in certain cases, it is prolonged and can even cause certain serious injuries physically like fractures or by causing an accident.

The epileptic seizures can be controlled and reduced with medication in almost 70% of cases. The medication is cheap and is easily affordable by all. Many cases of epilepsy can improve to such an extent that no further treatment is required so it is not a lifelong issue to deal with.


The main symptom of epilepsy is epileptic seizures which could be either short or could also be long ones. Some general symptoms observed are as below:

  • Impaired consciousness.
  • Lost awareness.
  • Unpredictable shaking movements.
  • The patient bites their tongue due to a seizure.
  • Widespread eyes during a seizure.

Seizures can be of multiple types and of different severities.

1. Generalized seizures:

20% of all epilepsy cases belong to generalized seizures, in these cases, the starting stage of the seizure starts from generalized seizures. This seizure led to an impact on both hemispheres of the human brain and as a result, it resulted in impaired consciousness. Generalized seizures are of six types, these types are discussed below:

  • Absence seizures
  • Tonic seizures
  • Atonic seizures
  • Clonic seizures
  • Myoclonic seizures
  • Tonic-clonic seizures

2. Focal seizures:

In focal seizures, only one side of the human brain is affected, that is only one hemisphere of the human brain tends to get impaired.

  • Focal seizures cause no loss of consciousness.
  • Focal seizures cause loss of awareness.

3. Non-convulsive seizures:

These types of seizures result in lowering the consciousness up to a certain limit and the time for their duration is about 10 seconds. The most common example of a non-convulsive seizure is an absence seizure.

  • If the condition is critical then you need to immediately meet a doctor, these critical conditions are as follows:
  • If a seizure does not get over in five minutes, then immediately arrange an appointment with the best epileptologists.
  • If normal breathing is not happening just after a seizure.
  • Back to back two seizures are addressed.
  • After a seizure, if you feel a high fever.

Apart from this, you can visit a homeopathy doctor to get some consultation over homeopathic remedies such as Cocculus indicus. It is one of the finest medicines to deal with epileptic disorder and helps to shorten down the seizure time. It is easily available with different names one of the popular ones is cocculus indicus 30.


It is a powerful homeopathic miracle that is effective in the treatment of numerous health problems. One of the effective treatment results is recorded in the case of epilepsy. The cocculus indicus is made from the plant named Anamirta Cocculus plant, it is effective in the treatment of epilepsy, reducing the stress from muscles, and even helps to treat stomach-related problems.


  1. It is effective in the treatment of headaches and vertigo.
  2. Very effective in the treatment of epileptic patients.
  3. Helps in relieving muscle stiffness.
  4. It even helps in healing the weak digestion and strengthening the system.
  5. It helps to lower down stress levels too.
  6. Helps in reducing down the pain while periods.


It is always suggested by a homeopathic doctor not to exceed the limit of dosage, the amount of dose prescribed must be taken sincerely if not done so then patients may witness some side effects such as:

  1. A patient may experience severe headaches.
  2. A feeling of vomit may arise in patients.
  3. In certain cases, patients get an infection like jaundice and diarrhea.
  4. Patients may feel lazy and muscles may become loose.
  5. The smell of food escalates the situation to even more critical.


Although epilepsy has affected a lot of people and many are suffering worldwide, having a proper diagnosis and medication is really important to deal with the symptoms of different types of epilepsy. Along with proper medication, you must also try to do some physical workout exercises in order to keep your mind and body fit.

Having a balanced diet is really important, and avoid taking the stress of your situation, always stay positive and while staying positive and for the better reduction in symptoms use cocculus indicus, as there are multitude benefits of cocculus indicus 30 as it will help to lower down the seizures intensities and will help to shorten up their times of stay.

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