Loss of consciousness or epilepsy is becoming common in India. Folinz medicine is one of the best medicines we could ask for. Get full knowledge about the medicine here.

The best way to describe our childhood world is that we lived in the real world rather than the virtual world. We had a traditional way of living, going out to study in the school, to play, roam about and have fun.

Nowadays, the childhood of kids is much more advanced and limited to virtual screens. Though they are much smarter than we were, the true essence of life was lived by us only. But as they say, this is the new normal so we have to adjust.

Some things never change school fun and friendship. Remember the time when we used to doze off in between boring classes like history and physics all of a sudden. It was like we had no consciousness of what was happening around us, sometimes we don’t even remember how we ended up sleeping. Well, that occurs due to tiredness while epilepsy occurs due to serious nervous disorders.

So, let us first know what the disease is to understand its medicines.



Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that involves the brain. The sudden or abnormal electrical activity in the brain often acts as an indication or symptoms of the disorder. But we must not judge a book by its cover.

The occurrence of seizures does not justify the cause to be epilepsy. It can be a false alarm as well. In epilepsy, a series of recurrent seizures are experienced. The EEG machine, (Electroencephalogram) helps in diagnosing epilepsy.

However, the similarities between the false and true alarms raise hindrances in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. So, the unresponsiveness to the epilepsy medicines and EEG reports are monitored to determine the true alarm.

Loss of consciousness is one of the many outcomes of the seizures that occur. The seizures are directly linked to our brain so it is a bit worrisome and dangerous to deal with.



Folinz is commonly known as a dietary supplement made up of zinc compounds and folic acids. The compounds help in better growth and good health of the body. The supplements help in substituting for the dietary deficiencies of zinc and folic acids.

The folinz tablets are rich in zinc compounds and can be highly beneficial for everyone especially vegetarians and vegan people because zinc is largely present in seafood and meats. This supplement helps in making up for the losses.



The price of the folinz tablets is not fixed. There are so many manufacturers of the medicine that each one has its price. Also, the online portals give extra discounts too. But generally, a strip of 10 folinz tab costs between Rs. 30 – 40. Make sure to check different sites to avail the best price.

The dosage of the tablets cannot be determined by us. It is the doctor who understands our body and its nutrient deficiency and requirement. So, make sure to consult the doctor and consume the prescribed dosage only. We must tell the doctor about our diseases and allergies otherwise it may react negatively or not react at all with the body. As there are some diseases, in the presence of which we must not consume folinz tablets.

We should not consume the overdosage of the because it may cause

  • Pain in mouth or tongue
  • Tingling sensations or numbness in the body
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Weakness


There is a list of folinz tablet uses as it is so beneficial for the body. So, the uses are:

  • Folinz tablets benefits in preventing seizures occurring in epilepsy. The zinc helps in blocking GABA receptors and provides neurosteroids to the brain, benefitting brain functions. Similarly, the folic acids prevent neural tube defects and minimize the risks of the disorder.
  • Helps in treating anemic patients by increasing the red blood cell count in the body with the help of zinc.
  • Helps to combat zinc and folic acid deficiencies
  • It helps pregnant women, by managing their folic acid intake and reducing the chances of birth defects.


There are certain side effects of the medicine in cases where it might not suit our body type. The side effects are

  • Itchiness
  • Fever
  • Rashes
  • Weakness
  • Breathing difficulties
  • General discomfort
  • Stomach pain


Heavy medications, treatment, and surgeries are not the only way to solve our disease problems. The supplements can be helpful too. The folinz tablets are rich in zinc and folic acid.

Along with solving the deficiency problems of the body, the tablets help in preventing and providing relief from other diseases.

For example – Anemia and epilepsy can be brought to a less dangerous stage with the help of the prevention provided by the folinz tabs.

Also, these tablets are not harsh on the body. So try and incorporate such supplements only after the consultation with the doctor. Doctors’ advice is always essential.


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