Iksir Shifa is a medicine that belongs to Unani medical science. Unani Medical science is considered pseudo-scientific. This medical system is based on Greek medical science and is partly influenced by Indian and Chinese medical techniques as well.

Yunani Medical science is recently gaining popularity again and is being practiced in India, Pakistan, and Persia. This medical technique believes in balancing the elements of the body to treat any disease. Unani followers claim to treat many chronic diseases and acute diseases with the correct usage of the medicine.

Ikar Shifa is also one of the medicines discussed a lot in Unani medical science. It is also known to be effective for Epilepsy, a medical condition that affects the brain with many other diseases. In epilepsy, during a seizure, the patient can experience abnormal behavior or sensations that often come with the loss of consciousness.

It is said to be the fourth largest neurological disorder that can affect people of all ages including children. Iksir Shifa is known to be very effective and many consultants use it to treat several mental issues including epilepsy. But as epilepsy is widely spread and is related to brain functions, it is very important to understand a medicine before starting the treatment.



Iksir Shifa is a herbal medicine created with Unani techniques that use natural components to work on the body. The benefits of Iksir Shifa are related to mental health. The main ingredient used in Iksir Shifa is Nishasta that is mixed with sugar derived from milk and chalk powder to maintain its formation and taste.

Nishasta is made up of several natural components that give a required balance to treat mental issues. Iksir Shifa uses Asrol as well which is another component useful to treat neurological disorders.


Following are the main benefits of Iksir Shifa

  • Provides Strenght to deal with mental issues like stress, anxiety, tension, and headaches.
  • Improve digestive system and deals with digestion-related problems.
  • It boosts immunity and fights immunity-related issues.
  • Work on the brain functions from within hence provides a permanent cure.
  • Helpful in insomnia, provides sound sleep.
  • Also helpful in fighting hysteria fits.
  • Deals with hypertension. Relaxes the brain and gives a stress-free feeling.


Iksir Shifa is an Unani medicine, so it is best to start the dose after consulting an Unani consultant. But, generally the Iksir Shifa dosage suggested by the consultants is one tablet with lukewarm water. It is best consumed after a meal.


Iksir Shifa is available widely in both online and offline markets. The Hamdard Iksir Shifa retails for 30 rupees for a bottle of 20 tablets. Online platforms can also provide discounts on the purchase. It can be counted in cost-effective medicines.


There have been no side effects recorded till now. If used in prescribed dosage and course duration, no major problem can arise due to Iksir.


Now that everything about Iksir Shifa is known, it is time to discuss its effectiveness for epilepsy. Iksir Shifa can be used in the treatment of epilepsy. As it contains Nishasta that is effective in dealing with several mental issues. Nishasta helps balance several nutritional requirements.
It helps in increasing metabolism and fights heart diseases. It also increases stamina and gives healthy and glowing skin. With all these benefits it also works on the brain like magic and provides relaxation in epilepsy. It reduces the chances of seizures in epilepsy.

A seizure is a time when the patient feels all the symptoms of epilepsy. The truth is epilepsy can not be treated. What the doctors try to do is to manage the disorder to reduce the chances of the seizure. The reduced seizure results in fewer problems for the patient.


Iksir Shifa is a trusted medicine in Ayurvedic medical science. It is easily available in online as well as offline markets. There are several uses of Iksir and it is used in treating several disorders. In mental disorders like epilepsy, it has been proved to be an effective medicine that increases mental capacities and reduces the chances of seizures.

During a seizure, it reduced the problems and soothes the post symptoms of a seizure. So, it should be tried for a person dealing with epilepsy. Ther than epilepsy, it can also be tried for heart diseases and immunity disorders.

The treatment however should be started only after consulting a physician. Make sure to use in the prescribed dosage and follow the course duration advised by the physician to get efficient results out of the medicine.


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