Be it Triphala Churna, Hyoscyamus 30, Ashwagandharishta or Jatamansi, Ayurveda never stops to amaze. The ancient significance of Ayurveda speaks volumes for its successful consumption and fan following even after thousands of years since its discovery.

It’s like some distant memory of the past, our childhood, or even adulthood that we might have lost track of. The smile we have on our faces, it’s simply comfortable. The comfort of reliving that day through a photograph with our people be it parents or friends. It is so refreshing to visit the past out of our tight work schedule.

And sometimes nostalgia hits us hard. The blast from the past session may lead to some calls and reconnecting with lost touch or can aggravate some deeply embedded pain that even time couldn’t heal.

This is how Ayurveda reacts with us. Ayurveda collects its ingredients from mother Earth and provides us with natural, beneficial herbs. Consuming Ayurveda is comforting for us because we trust its authenticity and purity.

However, it may cause problems because the natural ingredients and their level of intensity might disbalance the body heat leading to side effects. Just like an unsolved blast from the past photograph does, the medicines too can start from a bad note because it’s hard to keep down pure things when we are so used to the impure and the negative.

This is how effective Ayurveda is. Jatamansi is one of its medicines helping us function better and live twice the better.


Nardostachys Jatamansi is a flowering plant grown in the eastern Himalayas. It is an endangered species because of its repetitive uses and loss of habitat. This is what we all do, don’t we? We exploit the good until there is anything left to exploit. Be it exploiting an innocent person until the very end or in the current global crises, nature.

Jatamansi herb is said to be very beneficial. The rhizomes (or the stem under the soil) and the roots of the plants are used to prepare medicines. These parts of the plants have various medicinal values in the form of the chemical that made up the plant-like:

  • Ursolic acid
  • Octacosanol
  • Nardosinone
  • Oleanolic acid
  • Beta-sitosterol

These chemical ingredients help us in strengthening our immune system and protecting our bodies. The presence of these chemicals elevates the effectiveness of the plant and helps with many cancer-causing cells. The chemicals have anti-HIV substances as well, safeguarding us from a major disease.

However, clinical proofs and theories are yet to be found. The nardosinone chemical has compounds that enhance neurite outgrowth and nerve activities.


The prices of jatamansi are varied and different in the market. We know that the herb is found in the Himalayas region and is listed as an endangered species. So, since the supply of the herb is less than the demand of the herb, prices will be expensive.

Since there are so many brands in the market, each has its own pricing, differing from others. However, a normal price range for the product would be in between Rs. 120 – 300. These prices differ with the change in the quantities.

So, we must do thorough research of the prices and avail the best deal available. Also, online coupons and discounts can further help us to get a favorable price.


Jatamansi herb is ideally used as a powder. The jatamansi oils are used specifically for skin and hair benefits. So, the powder has to be consumed along with a good, natural base like honey to substitute the bitterness of the powder. Jatamansi tablets are also available in the market, so even those can be availed.

However, the dosage of the herb varies from person to person. One characteristic feature of Ayurvedic medicines is that they are uniquely designed and prescribed according to an individual. Ayurveda believes that each individual has a distinctive balance of doshas in their body. And to ensure the balance, correct measures and procedures must be undertaken.

So, the dosage of jatamansi cannot be determined by us. Make sure to visit an Ayurvedic doctor and consult with them. They are the ones who can prescribe us the correct amount of dosage according to our body. Self-medication is not an advisable option here.


Jatamansi uses are varied and not restricted to the medical sphere.

The primary use of the herb is that it acts as a brain tonic and improves brain function and memory loss problems. This happens because of the unique properties of the herb.

The jatamansi powder helps in preventing the cell damage of the brain with the help of its antioxidant properties. The powder enhances the overall regulation and functioning of the brain.

The jatamansi oil consists of antioxidants and anti-fungal properties that help in preventing aging and managing various skin infections. The oil can also be applied to the hairs, both the scalp and the length thoroughly with the help of fingers. The application of oil helps in promoting hair growth and increases the follicular size which leads to thicker hair. The oil provides the overall strengthening of the hairs.

Apart from medicinal uses, the roots of the plant are also used in making perfumes and fragrances. It is also used in making incense because of the beautiful aroma it gives out after burning.


Did not expect benefits after use?

Well, uses are varied and general whereas, benefits deal with the specific details of the disease or disorder. So, jatamansi benefits are:


As we know, jatamansi acts as a brain tonic and improves the functioning of the brain. Ayurvedic treatments and medicines are prescribed with the motive of balancing the three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in the patient’s body.

Epilepsy is a disorder of the nerves that occurs due to the imbalance of all three doshas. Jatamansi herb works best in bringing the three unbalanced doshas to a balance and reducing the number of episodes of seizures. Jatamansi helps in providing an overall functioning of the brain


This problem is majorly common among the youth nowadays. The working sector or the age group between 18 to 30 tend to be awake at night and do whatever activities they prefer doing and sleep in the day.

This has become a new lifestyle that may be favorable for the individuals but goes against nature. Nature has divided the day and night sections according to the activities that must be performed on either of the sections.

Now, if we go against nature we have to bear the consequences. This lifestyle change has taken the shape of a problem or disorder among many people and must be sought after soon. We understand it may be difficult but try to sleep in the night for a week or two and then the concept and difference would be understandable.

The reason behind having insomnia is related to the nervous symptom becoming sensitive. According to Ayurveda, this nervous system sensitivity is linked to the increase of Vata dosha in the body.

The jatamansi powder helps in inducing sound sleep by calming the nerves.


Apart from its clinical use, jatamansi is helpful in curing the psychological problems of the patients as well. Anxiety is a very normal problem that most of us have but there is not much talk about it. This lack of communication makes a generic problem larger than life. We all should and must understand the importance of mental health awareness.

If not anything, at least make a comfortable environment and allow the sufferers to talk about it openly and share. Sharing can immensely help improve mental health because at the end of the day it is the conflict inside our brain that is hurting us.

Anyways, jatamansi helps in calming the nerves. This feature helps the sufferers to relax and calm down before they have to present something in front of the audience or speak to somebody. These are a few common situations when anxiety strikes. Anxiety is basically second-guessing and self-doubting everything an individual does.

So, by calming the nerves and restoring the balance between the three doshas, jatamansi helps in curing anxiety.


Do you have a weak memory? Do you want to remember most of the things happening in your life as a souvenir but fail to do?

Well, many people just forget things easily. It is not deliberate; rather it is a reflex activity for such individuals. Generally, having a forgetful memory is said to occur because of the lack of attention paid by the listener or the viewer. This is definitely a valid reason.

But, there are other issues as well. Memory loss is known to be a disease or disorder as well often complementing with other diseases like epilepsy. The jatamansi herb helps in generating memory alertness and enhances memory power.

Skin Diseases

The bitter taste of jatamansi is said to help in purifying the blood. The purification of blood leads to better and smooth skin. The herb helps in adding shine and glow to the skin, making it smooth and soft. It also helps in improving the complexion of the users.

The medicinal properties and dosha balancing qualities help in reducing itchiness and burning sensations making it ideal for skin diseases. The jatamansi oils help with wrinkles as well, acting as an anti-wrinkles oil and helps in skin tightening benefits.


The jatamansi powder helps in the overall regulation of the body. Our intestines are responsible to absorb the nutrients from food so that the body can function properly. A healthy gut helps in better absorption of the nutrients, thereby leading to a healthy body. It helps in decreasing inflammation and also reduces bloating problems, helping in improving bowel movements and health.


After knowing so much about the medicine, let us know about the disease which will be cured by it.

Epilepsy is a nervous disorder that occurs in the brain. The area of focus of this disease is the brain. The disease can affect an individual belonging to any age group. There is no relation of old-age here. This disease is often said to be from birth only. Generally, people can have this type of disease or disorder as a birth defect too, because it occurs due to some problems with the nerves.

Well, technically it is correct. The affected nerves are present in the body since birth only, it is the specific age it decides to show up and make us aware of its existence. It is usually some big pressure or stress or incident that creates a huge impact on the brain of the person, leading to this.

The most common symptom of epilepsy is the occurrence of seizures. The repetitive occurrence of seizures confirms the existence of epilepsy in an individual.


A seizure occurs after some electrical activity in the brain happens. The brain cells pass information to the brain as signals or messages. It so happens that the brain cells either excites or inhibits (stop) the process of sending the messages. Usually, these activities are carried forward in a balanced way for smooth functioning of the body.

The sudden excitement or stopping the message creates an imbalance in the brain and this gives rise to electrical activities in the brain. It’s as if a sudden start or stop button has been pressed in the middle of the activity occurring at full speed.

This is why patients suffer from loss of consciousness during episodes of seizures and do not remember anything that is happening around them. It is a very normal and basic science. If the brain is only not working properly, who is responsible for us to remember and register situations around us, we will not remember anything that is happening.

There are a few types of seizures, which are:

  • Simple focal seizures
  • Complex focal seizures
  • Absence seizures
  • Clonic seizures
  • Tonic-clonic seizures
  • Myoclonic seizure
  • Atonic seizure

The most common type of seizure is the simple focal seizure, which when occurs, leads to forming alliterations in the working of the five sense organs. It causes dizziness and a tingling sensation is felt in the limbs.

And the most severe type of seizure is a tonic-clonic seizure. During this seizure, the body becomes stiff. There is no control left over the urinary bladder or the bowel movements of the patients. This can be very exhaustive and health concerning as nutrients are leaving the body, making the body weaker. At times, the body starts to shake as well.


The available treatments for epilepsy are:

  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Devices
  • Dietary changes

All these options go hand in hand, however, the disorder can never be cured. medications help in controlling the number of seizures, helping to live a normal life. dietary and lifestyle changes are advised so that the disease does not get aggravated due to some foods or beverages. Also, keeping a calm mind is very important for epilepsy patients.


No, there are no side effects of jatamansi medicine when taken in appropriate dosages. However, hypersensitive people may be prone to skin irritation, vomiting, nausea, breathing difficulties, etc.

So, always consult with a doctor before consuming the medicines.


In this article, we found so much useful information related to our health issues and Ayurvedic medicine. Many of us fail to understand the importance of Ayurveda, which is normal as there is not much told to us about it.

So, Ayurveda is a treatment mechanism that uses a holistic approach in treating its patients. It believes in the importance of the balance between the body, mind, and soul which is achieved by balancing the three doshas of our body.

  • Vata
  • Pita
  • Kapha

Each dosha represents some parts of the body along with our habits and moods. If we go to the depth and research about it, we can find the truth of the matter. We will be able to understand the similarities between what is written and our behavior. For example – emotions or feeling of pain or grief often represents the imbalance in the Vata dosha. This imbalance might lead to headaches, constipation, restlessness, fatigue, etc. it may sound weird now but if we are able to balance the Vata dosha, all these problems will switch to their positive roles like no constipation, healthy mind, active body, etc.

So, jatamansi is one of the Ayurvedic medicines prepared from the plants found in the Himalayan regions. The effective chemical formulation of the plant helps in curing many brain-related problems. It is highly beneficial in treating epilepsy and keeping the symptoms at bay.

Along with that it also helps with skin and hair-related problems. So, consult a doctor and start enjoying the benefits of the medicine only after being prescribed.

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