Epilepsy is a cluster of neurological disorders that cause the recurrence of epileptic seizures. These epileptic seizures are an anomalous electrical occurrence in the human brain due to which a person feels an uncontrollable shaking in the body, the duration of the seizure can be very short but in certain cases, it is prolonged and can even cause certain serious injuries physically like fractures or by causing an accident.

Till 2019 more than 40 million cases of epilepsy were recorded and 80% of the cases were from developing countries. Epilepsy has reached an enormous level that could even cause death, more than 125,000 deaths were recorded in the year 2015 which was only 112,000 as recorded in the year 1990.

The major targeted group of epilepsy is the people of older age but the outset of the new emerging occurrence is in the newborn and the elders. Thus many countries do not allow epileptic people to drive vehicles and do not issue driving licenses to people with the disability of epilepsy.

The epileptic seizures can be controlled and reduced with medication in almost 70% of cases. The medication is cheap and is easily affordable by all. Many cases of epilepsy can improve to such an extent that no further treatment is required so it is not a lifelong issue to deal with.


The main symptom of epilepsy is epileptic seizures which could be either short or could also be long ones. Seizures depend on the age of the person suffering from epilepsy, it may target various portions of the brain and at different ages, the different severity levels can be seen.

Some general symptoms observed are as below:

  • Impaired consciousness.
  • Lost awareness.
  • Unpredictable shaking movements.
  • The patient bites their tongue due to a  seizure.
  • Widespread eyes during a seizure.

Seizures can be of multiple types and of different severities. The most common of all the seizures are convulsive seizures which comprise involuntary muscle contractions. The cases are 60% of all epilepsy cases. The following types of seizures are discussed below:

1. Generalized seizures:

20% of all epilepsy cases belong to generalized seizures, in these cases, the starting stage of the seizure starts from generalized seizures. This seizure led to an impact on both hemispheres of the human brain and as a result, it resulted in impaired consciousness. Generalized seizures are of six types, these types are discussed below:

  • Absence seizures: it is also called Petit mal seizures, generally children are affected by this seizure type. The symptoms are generally staring for a long while without any reason and getting completely blank, blinking eyes repeatedly, or again and again smacking lips. They generally leave a person blank as it causes a temporary loss of awareness.
  • Tonic seizures: Tonic seizures are affecting the muscles as the muscles get stiffed for a short period of time. The targeted muscle groups for tonic seizures are back muscles, leg muscles, and the complete arm muscles. A small tonic seizure may make you fall on the ground.
  • Atonic seizures: Atonic seizures are also called Drop seizures as they affect your control over muscles which as a result makes you collapse at sudden.
  • Clonic seizures: The clonic seizures happen to have repetitive rhythms of shaking muscle movements; the targeted portion are neck, arms, and face muscles.
  • Myoclonic seizures: Myoclonic seizures usually come with abrupt small jerks in legs, and arms.
  • Tonic-clonic seizures: Tonic-clonic seizures are also called Grand mal seizures, these are too abrupt in nature and tend to lose consciousness, you start biting your tongue, the muscle can get stiffed, and will start shaking.

2. Focal seizures:

40% of all cases of epilepsy belong to focal seizures. In focal seizures only one side of the human brain is affected, that is only one hemisphere of the human brain tends to get impaired. The focal seizures can transform into generalized seizures if not treated. Focal seizures are usually seen in two phases, one is the case of no loss of consciousness and the other is the case in which awareness is impaired to an extent.

  • Focal seizures which cause no loss to consciousness: It is also known as a Simple partial seizure, and they do not impacts the consciousness rather they can impact the way you smell, the way you feel, the way you taste, and can sometimes result in involuntary jerking of body parts it can be arm or leg.
  • Focal seizures that cause loss of awareness: They are also called Complex partial seizures.
    They generally cause a loss to awareness and makes you blank for sometimes you will be looking at something continuously without giving any response to the nearby person or a thing happening or you may find yourself doing the same activity for numerous numbers of time like rubbing of hands, making circles while walking, walking to and fro without any purpose or reason, blinking again and again.

3. Non-convulsive seizures:

The remaining 40% of cases of epilepsy belong to a non-convulsive seizure, these types of seizures result in lowering the consciousness up to a certain limit and the time for their duration is about 10 seconds. The most common example of a non-convulsive seizure is an absence seizure.

A person is having a disorder that cannot be just judged by mere examples, you need to visit a doctor for proper consultation and diagnosis.
After the proper diagnosis, you will be under a proper medication regime along with some exercises.
If the condition is critical then you need to immediately meet a doctor, these critical conditions are as follows:

  1. If a seizure does not get over in five minutes, then immediately arrange an appointment with the best epileptologists.
  2. If normal breathing is not happening just after a seizure.
  3. Back to back two seizures are addressed.
  4. After a seizure, if you feel a high fever.
  5. If you are feeling your body is heating up.
  6. If you are pregnant and you witness your first seizure.
  7. If you are dealing with diabetes you must visit your epileptologists on a regular basis.
  8. If you got some serious harm while having a seizure.

Apart from medication, you can use some natural remedies for the treatment of epilepsy, the most prominent one is lauki juice. It is used in India on a top pick and has good reviews and ratings.

Calabash is also known as the bottle gourd, long melon, Tasmania bean. It is a vine that is harvested for its fruit, but if harvested at a young age you can consume it as a vegetable.
The vegetable produced is called Lauki in India, lauki has multiple benefits and ailing properties. When lauki is cooked or lauki juice is made its benefits even get multiplied.

Some lauki juice benefits are discussed below.


Lauki juice has been in the treatment of many bodily ailments for decades and to date, it is effectively used in the treatment of many problems. Lauki juice not only helps to keep your entire body hydrated but it also helps to keep your sugar levels and energy levels optimal. The lauki juice provides a myriad of benefits, these are as follows:


There are the following benefits of consuming lauki juice:

  1. Lauki juice is rich in fibers, thus it acts as a miraculous remedy in treating constipation, piles and even helps in improving digestion.
  2. Lauki juice is primarily used in weight loss programs as lauki juice acts as an overall digestive helping element and thus keeps the metabolism high and keeps the energy levels at a peak.
  3. The high-fat storage in the body can be harmful as it could result in heart issues and consuming lauki juice can help a lot in reducing down the fat levels and helps to keep the overall heart healthy.
  4. Lauki juice is high in water content and is great for hydration thus it helps to prevent fatigue and keep the body hydrated. A hydrated body is important as it helps to maintain the skin tight and bright.
  5. Lauki juice helps in maintaining blood pressure levels as it is rich in essential elements and minerals which as a result prevents the risk of a heart attack.
  6. Lauki juice helps in reducing the problem of hypertension.
  7. Lauki juice helps to remove toxicants from the body.
  8. Lauki juice is also very beneficial in eliminating the free radicals from the blood.
  9. Lauki juice is also a great Ayurvedic remedy for liver dysfunction and reduces inflammation in the liver.
  10. Consuming lauki juice every morning helps to prevent greying of hair.
  11. The most beneficial fact of lauki juice is it does wonders in the treatment of epilepsy, mouth ulcers, and psoriasis as it helps to loosen up stools and keep the bowel movement more lubricated and natural.
  12. It helps a lot in the treatment of urinary tract problems.
  13. It also helps in infections like jaundice and diarrhoea.
  14. The juice provides a good amount of sodium refilling as after sweating a lot you feel dehydrated and deplete all essential salts.

The main thing to always keep in mind is that lauki juice is good but consuming it in an over quantity could cause some serious trouble to you, as everything good is good till the time it is done in a limit, and after the limit crosses the good gets turned to bad and can cause some side effects.

There are many brands that started producing lauki juice and also did an experiment by making a combination of lauki and amla juice which is also highly effective in the overall well-being of the human body.

The most prominent brands are Patanjali, Sovam, Four Seasons, and Dindayal. Out of all patanjali, amla juice has come up with the highest popularity in public and the best ratings. Patanjali has also worked on several more ayurvedic products which you can incorporate into your daily life and see fruitful results in a small time frame. Its product range is very wide and it can help in your day to day life to keep you fit, healthy and strong.

Patanjali has come out with really surprisingly natural products in this era of products full of chemicals and rigged reports. Try the new lauki amla juice from Patanjali as it has some promising health benefits for epilepsy treatment. The lauki amla juice Patanjali benefits are not hidden from anyone.
You can also try plain lauki juice by Patanjali as it has a ton of benefits. The benefits of lauki juice are having the potential to help you in the problem of epilepsy.


Although epilepsy has affected a lot of people and many are suffering worldwide, having a proper diagnosis and medication is really important to deal with the symptoms of different types of epilepsy.

Along with proper medication, you must also try to do some physical workout exercises in order to keep your mind and body fit. Having a balanced diet is really important, and to avoid taking the stress of your situation, always stay positive and while staying positive you can try natural remedies like the miraculous lauki juice, lauki, and amla juice.

Various different brands sell these juices, the popular one is Patanjali. Their Patanjali lauki amla juice benefits are myriad. It will help to strengthen you from the inside out while keeping your brain energized and in a fully functioning state.

On a daily basis consumption of lauki juice will gradually make your body heal against various problems and diseases such as epilepsy, psoriasis, mouth ulcers, jaundice and, even more. The benefits that you get from a glass of juice are uncountable but the vegetable should not be consumed raw as it might cause infection in the stomach.

We hope that the information provided would have been beneficial for you all, and for more such informative content let us know the topics and we will be posting it. So keep on visiting our page for more updates and informational facts.


A. It solely depends on you, there are multiple brands in the market selling lauki juice, you can go with any and if you are still confused then you can try Patanjali lauki juice.

A. For the dosage information you can look at the pamphlet, all specifications are mentioned over it.

A. You must not take more than the mentioned dosage for each time, if you have skipped it for once then continue the next dose as usual.



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