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Epilepsy is a complex disorder to navigate. It can entail memory loss, mental fatigue, decreased association with reality, and many other unique symptoms to every individual who suffers from it. It is important to explore different medicines that can be right for you as there is a massive market of treatment options available.
One such growing medicinal treatment is the Mentat tablet. Keep on reading this article to find out if you would be compatible with this medication!


A Mentat tablet is a multi-purpose tablet that aids in various brain functions and behavioral restructuring. It can be used as a good adjuvant for multiple conditions like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, post-stroke, and Parkinson’s. With the confidence given by professionals, these tablets can be incorporated into your routine to boost your memory and overall functioning. In order to understand how well this treatment could aid in epilepsy, keep reading this article!


A Mentat tablet enhances your mental quotient where it increases your ability to concentrate and have a longer memory span. It also works to improve stress-related conditions. It aids in treating insomnia and convulsions. Because of several of its other properties like anticholinesterase, dopaminergic-neuroprotective, adaptogenic, and antioxidants, Mentat is helpful in the treatment of epilepsy as well.

It helps in aiding learning disorders, guiding the brain in the right direction, and helps in fixing behavioral issues like asocial behavior, aggression, enuresis, and more. Anxiety and mental fatigue are also eased by a mentat tablet and can be used as an adjuvant to treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


Mentat Himalaya is the medicine that is manufactured and most easily found in India. They provide 60 tablets in one bottle. They are priced at 120 rupees, but discounts are often offered. If buying in bulk, it would be cost-effective as the pills would help for a long time.

When it comes to Himalaya as a manufacturer founded by Mohammad Manal, India has leaned on the brand for many of its medicinal products since 1930. It utilizes herbs and roots in its products and makes them highly accessible to the citizens of India.

Its mission is to contemporaries Ayurveda with the help of modern scientific research, so it ensures to hold themselves accountable to ease customers’ questions about the validity of Ayurvedic benefits. Professionals beyond Indian borders vouch for the company’s products, so we can consider Mentat Himalaya to be a safe source for mentat tablet.


  • Indian Pennywort

The Indian Pennywort is also known as Madhukaparni. It consists of anti-epileptic properties, which makes it a contributing ingredient in adjuvant drugs that treat epilepsy. This is by managing an epileptic episode by aiding the inhibition of seizures. It also lends a helping hand in bringing balance to your amino acid levels, which can help in curing depression and preventing cognitive impairment.

  • Thyme-Leaved Gratiola

The Thyme-leaved Gratiola is also known as Brahmi. It helps in maintaining normal cognitive function. In fact, it can help in enhancing memory and learning, which aids in several mental disorders and developmental disorders. It can introduce alertness to your brain as well. It is the ingredient that is most responsible for calming restlessness and anxiety or panic.

  • Winter Cherry

The Winter Cherry is also known as Ashvagandha. This ingredient is present in the Mentat tablet as a mood stabilizer. This property ensures results in treating clinical depression and anxiety. It also helps in treating bipolar disorders. Winter Cherry also consists of withanolides which consist of rejuvenating properties. This element of the Mentat tablet can also reduce oxidative stress that can develop into mental fatigue.


  1. Mentat tablet helps in improving your mental quotient, aiding in concentration and focus.
  2. It enhances your memory span.
  3. It improves cognitive abilities that help in treating developmental issues.
  4. It helps treat insomnia and convulsions.
  5. Its properties have a calming effect, causing it to reduce anxiety, stress, and clinical depression.
  6. It also aids in stabilizing moods that can lend a hand in treating bipolar disorders and depression.
  7. The Mentat tablet can also be taken as an adjuvant treatment for epilepsy and enuresis.
  8. It balances amino acids in the blood, which helps in curing depression and preventing developmental problems in the future.
  9. It has antioxidant properties that help in reducing oxidative stress. This efficiently prevents mental fatigue.
  10. The sense of restlessness is lost with the help of the tablet.
  11. It can be used to improve memory as well as your learning capacity.
  12. It can treat several neurological diseases.


One of the biggest disadvantages that this medicine comes with is that it is pretty under-researched when it comes to who is the audience for the mentat tablet. Often asked questions as safety ensured for pregnant women who intake the tablet cannot be assured ethically.
Of course, this also means that during breastfeeding, due to the absence of research done on it, any information on such phenomena is unavailable.

Many individuals see Mentat uses to be beneficial for their children. However, the utility and effectiveness of this product on children is unavailable information due to the lack of research done on it.

When it comes to its anti-epileptic properties, Mentat tablets may actually decrease the dosage requirement of other anti-epileptic drugs. This would entail drug monitoring done by a professional.

One must take a special precaution because the tablets should not be taken at least two weeks prior to surgery. This is because the Mentat tablet can increase general anesthesia’s influence.


Although Mentat’s side effects seem to boast of none, quite a few adults have complained about headaches. It must be taken after recommendation by a qualified doctor and health professional. Proper assessments must be carried out for the patient in order to understand if Mentat would have side effects that your body would not be compatible with.

When it comes to the usage of Mentat tablets by children, professionals claim that it is meant for older patients. Parents might be inclined to give this to their children to boost their mental abilities. However, the tablet has a sedative effect on the brain, which is not advisable for a developing brain.


Please do take a professional recommendation before starting a regular dosage of Mentat tablet. Your health professional will recommend the correct dosage according to your requirements.

  1. Store the medicine in a dry place away from sunlight.
  2. A single tablet a day is enough in most cases, but a dosage of up to two can be increased for adults.
  3. It should be consumed with lukewarm water orally.
  4. It is recommended that it is consumed after a meal.
  5. Make sure to read the labels on the bottle.


One bottle of 60 Mentat Himalaya tablets is priced at one hundred and twenty rupees. It is a reasonable price considering the quantity of the tablets. It would last one person for a maximum of 60 days and a minimum of 30 days, depending on their regular dosage.
The properties that it offers are from roots and herbs that attempt to materialize the company’s vision to commercialize Ayurveda. It is reasonably priced in most people’s opinion.


It can be pretty tricky identifying epilepsy symptoms without company. While there are very obvious physical symptoms that you can identify, there are possibilities of memory loss or epileptic episodes.

Mild seizures may be hard to identify; however, stronger ones that can be more dangerous often are at risk of being forgotten. Epilepsy can be worked upon through various means, but it is important to search for the treatments that work best for you as the condition affects individuals differently.


Epilepsy is characterized by seizures that may be mild or severe. They take place due to an overdrive of electrical activity taking place in your brain. There are three phases of epilepsy that we must go through in order to understand its nature to learn how to prevent and treat it.

Warning signs

Emotional symptoms entail feeling unfamiliar with routine, recurring circumstances, places, or people, panic, and even dizzying racing thoughts.

Physical symptoms before an epileptic episode occur include tingling of muscles and even feelings of puking.

The ictal phase

This is the phase where seizures and spasms take place. The symptoms of your epilepsy can be drastically different from another person’s epileptic attacks- hence it is important to understand what you might be dealing with and have to treat.

  • A loss of control over your throat muscles can take place. This includes not being able to talk, eat, and even frequently facing difficulty controlling your drooling and biting your tongue.
  • The person can appear paler due to the fatigue of going through the Ictal phase.
  • Epilepsy symptoms can also cause a disconnection from reality. A loss of awareness in extreme cases can accompany visual hallucinations of things that aren’t there in reality. Sounds can become distorted and even become silent. Taste buds may also be falsely stimulated. In less severe cases, one might feel mildly confused and tired.
  • Unpredictable twitching of body parts or your entire body can take place. Shivering or jerking movements that start from one part of your body and then move onto other parts can occur. In fact, loss of control over one’s bladder or bowel can also take place.
  • There are some cases where epileptic people can become hyperactive and have urges to walk or run. They might also feel the need to ease urges of making repeating movements like fidgeting and playing with objects.
  • There are also some cases where some individuals who have epilepsy can continue with their routine despite being in the middle of their Ictal phase.
  • The person can appear paler due to the fatigue of going through the Ictal phase.
  • The patient’s control over their eyes can also be lost where continuous blinking or loss of pupil control may cause them to dilate, expand, or move around in unusual manners. Blurry visions are common, but the loss of vision or experiencing light flashes can also take place.

The Final phase

A severe seizure can leave behind injuries. This is the most noticeable evidence of a seizure. Hours of sleep can follow due to fatigue as well. In less severe cases, body aches might be experienced due to the stress your muscles might have experienced.

If the epileptic episode takes place in isolation, it might be hard to recognize the symptoms you might need to work on preventing; however, there can be risk factors involved that you can identify with to deduce your condition.


  • Head trauma

Often, incidents that can cause physical trauma around the head region can leave behind issues that may not be treatable. Seizures can be a consequence of such injuries. If you have a past incident where you have incurred a head injury and have been noticing gaps in memory, epilepsy could be a condition you are dealing with.

  • Genetics

The brain region that is affected that goes on to cause epilepsy can be a part of genetic influence. While it can only be a small reason for the cause of epileptic symptoms, it can make you more sensitive to environmental conditions that can trigger the seizures. Knowing your family’s medical history can serve as helpful in this case.

  • Developmental disorders

Prenatal injury can be a breeding ground for developmental issues. This includes infections during pregnancy, poor nutrition, and more. This can cause cerebral palsy or epilepsy. Epilepsy is also associated with autism and neurofibromatosis. Understand your medical history to discuss the possible connections you might have with suffering from epilepsy with your doctor.

  • Brain conditions

Brain conditions like tumors or strokes can also be linked to epilepsy. As their symptoms are closely related, it is not very far off to develop symptoms of epilepsy as well.


  • Precautions from incurring brain injuries

As brain injuries can accelerate epilepsy and seizures, it is best to take precautions while driving, playing sports, and other physical activities that may put you at risk.

  • Lower chances of heart issues

Exercising is an excellent way to reduce the chances of strokes or epilepsy symptoms from occurring often. It helps keep your heart healthy. Eating healthy with the exercise regime is also recommended. Consult with a dietician. It is also advisable to avoid smoking and other addictions to not produce toxins into your body that might affect your brain.

  • Vaccinations against infections that can risk developing epilepsy

Certain infections like AIDS, meningitis, viral encephalitis, and more can lead to epilepsy. Taking vaccinations that fight against these infections can help reduce the chances of developing symptoms in case of genetic history and inclinations.

  • Prenatal care

During pregnancy, prenatal care is important. Developmental issues might occur that can increase chances of stroke and epilepsy in the child’s life later on.


  • Mentat tablet helps in improving your mental quotient. During mild seizures, patients can feel disassociated from reality. A Mentat tablet reduces the chances of that as it has properties that help in improving the concentration and focus of the individual.
  • Epilepsy can cause memory loss to occur. This can make it difficult to retain memory during epileptic episodes, even during normal functioning seizures. Mentat tablet helps in enhancing your memory to avoid memory gaps such as these.
  • Epilepsy is connected to developmental issues. This tablet helps in working on certain developmental issues- behavioral and cognitive.
  • Epileptic individuals might find it hard to remain calm and panic a lot during their episodes. The medicine’s properties have a calming effect, causing it to reduce anxiety, stress, and feelings of restlessness.
  • Epilepsy can create massive mood swings. These tablets, in turn, aid in stabilizing moods.
  • The Mentat tablet can also be taken as an adjuvant treatment for epilepsy and enuresis.
  • Its antioxidant properties help in reducing oxidative stress. This easily prevents mental fatigue that epileptic episodes can cause.



Different medicinal treatments work differently for everyone. Your body must be compatible with the dosage taken to fully realize the potential of the medicine. A doctor’s recommendation is always advised if you are unsure. Still, Mentat tablets can help prevent many side effects of living with epilepsy, which in turn helps avoid the severe consequences after the epileptic episode is over. There should not be any delay in experimenting with different treatments as leaving conditions like these alone can only accelerate their intensity with each occurring time.


Mentat tab is very popular amongst its Indian audience. People who suffer from mental issues like anxiety and depression attest to this. One such review reads

This further proves that a doctor’s recommendation is advisable as they might not be suited for your body.

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