Epilepsy or seizure disorder is an extremely common disorder that affects about 1 million people in India, alone. The condition cannot be cured but the symptoms can be controlled and treated to help the patient’s condition. Epilepsy results in seizures due to the malfunctioning of nerve cells or neurons. There are several reasons as to why epilepsy happens and several kinds of treatments.

Yashtimadhu oil is an ancient ayurvedic substance that is known to cause the relief to epilepsy. It focuses on balancing the energies or doshas just like other ayurvedic medicines and heals the root cause of the problem. It is known to work for epilepsy by a holistic approach.


Yashtimadhu oil uses are vast. It is also known as mulethi in Hindi or Liquorice in English.

· Respiratory and Digestive disorders – Yashtimadhu oil or Yashtimadhu powder is used by Ayurveda to treat several issues related to respiration and digestion. Mulethis is known to benefit and improve long-lasting conditions of acidity.

· To keep the cholesterol level in check – Yashtimadhu or Licorice plant’s root is known to be effective for keeping the cholesterol levels in check by increasing the good cholesterol and decreasing the bad cholesterol and keeps you safe from fatal malfunctioning of bodily organs.

· Improves the health of your Liver – Yashtimadhu or mulethi is known to free the body from your toxins and keep your liver healthy by purifying your body from the inside.

· Reduces stress and depression – It helps in reducing psychological stress and depression by working on balancing the stress hormones or other hormones linked with depression and stress.

· Immunity booster – Mulethi is an age-old known remedy always suggested by our grandparents for several reasons and the most common one being immunity. If our immunity is strong, there is none too little harm that can be caused to your health.

· Skin ailments – Yashtimadhu oil or powder of the root of the plant, is beneficial for several skin-related ailments due to healing properties. It also protects your skin from bacteria and other harmful substances to prevent health disorders. It helps with disorders like psoriasis, rashes, dry skin, and others.

· Helps in maintaining weight – The root of the mulethi plant is known to help to burn the excess fat in your body and help you maintain weight and not be overweight as being overweight invites several problems.

· Throat-related concerns – Yashtimadhu powder is considered an excellent cure for throat concerns like sore throat and cough. They also cause relief against issues like asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory tract infections.

· Epilepsy – As already mentioned before, it is known to help with epilepsy.


Yashtimadhu oil is an ayurvedic medicine and it does not cost much. Ayurvedic medicines are made from natural or organic substances found in nature and the procedure to make this medicine is also natural, hence, the cost is minimal.

The production cost of ayurvedic medicines is minimal, hence even after adding a profit, the selling price is still low. Yashtimadhu oil and yashtimadhu powder are manufactured by several leading ayurvedic brands for you to choose from them.


Dosage of Yashtimadu oil or powder should depend on the prescription. Excess of anything is not good for the body even if it is a beneficial medicine hence, sticking to the prescription is recommended.

Not following the prescription could not worsen things even more which is why a professional doctor would prescribe it according to your body and ailment.



Epilepsy is a disorder that results in sudden seizures. Seizures take place due to malfunctioning or sudden rush of electric activity through the brain cells. Seizures are of two types – Generalized seizures which affect the entire brain and partial seizures which affect a part of it. Partial seizures are also known as focal seizures.

While getting a seizure, a person might also lack awareness and become unconscious. It is a really common neurological disorder that affects people of both genders, ages, and ethnicity equally. Epileptic seizures are unprovoked and sudden. People with epilepsy have different kinds of seizures and symptoms which are different for different people.

Stronger seizures could cause more harm and symptoms like muscle twitching apart from losing consciousness.

Symptoms of partial epileptic seizures –

· A partial seizure would not include symptoms like loss of consciousness. It includes changes in power or intensity of sensing by altering taste, smell, etc.

· Partial seizures lead to dizziness.

· Twitching and tingling in the limbs are also common in a partial epileptic seizure.

· The complex partial seizure would involve loss of consciousness, staring blankly.

· The complex partial seizure would also involve unresponsiveness and repeating actions.



Generalized seizures affect the entire brain, there are six kinds of generalized seizures.

· Absence of seizures – This causes blank stares, and repetitive movements like blinking and might result in a short span of loss of awareness.

· Tonic seizures – It leads to stiffness in the muscles.

· Atonic seizures – This might result in a decrease in muscle control and make you fall suddenly due to loss of muscle control.

· Clonic seizures – result in repeated and jerky movements around the shoulder region, like the neck and others.

· Myoclonic seizures – cause twitching of limbs.

· Tonic-clonic seizures – Includes symptoms like stiffening of the body, shivering, no bowel control, loss of consciousness, etc.


Epilepsy can occur due to genetics, brain injury caused due to stroke, or other several reasons. You might inherit a low seizure threshold from your family, which puts you at a higher risk to go through seizures. Epilepsy is known to run in families but the risk of one generation, passing it on to the other generation is extremely low.

· Traumatic brain injury

· Scarring on the brain post-trauma

· Very high fever

· Strokes

· Low oxygen supply to the brain

· Brain tumor or cysts

· Alzheimer’s or dementia could also harm the brain and its functioning


· Development disorders

· Neurological diseases

Several triggers are common in causing or initiating an epileptic attack or seizure.

· Fever

· Some common illness

· Stress levels

· Lack of sleep

· Bright or flashy lights

· Caffeine consumption beyond a limit

· Alcohol, drugs, or other substances consumed beyond a limit.

· Not consuming a proper diet



If you experience any similar symptoms to a seizure, you should rush to a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor would run a few blood tests to check for kidney and liver functions, glucose levels, and other things seeming necessary.

EEG or electroencephalogram is the most common diagnostic method for epilepsy. Your brain waves and activity is recorded as epileptic people have a different brain activity than a fully functioning and normal brain.

There are other tests to check for tumors, like CT scan, MRI, PET, and other scans available.


Epilepsy is not curable but the symptoms could be reduced so become manageable and not disrupt your daily life often.

· Medication – There are medicines for seizures, nerve pain, sedative, and even anticonvulsants. Nerve’s pain medication blocks pain caused by malfunctioning nerves. Sedatives calm the body and might cause drowsiness. Anticonvulsants would aim at controlling and eventually decrease the seizures.

· Changes in the diet – several people do not feel much relief from medication and drugs, they could try altering their diet. They could decrease their carbohydrate intake and increase their fat intake.

· Nerve stimulator – It is a device that is placed around the chest region beneath the skin to stimulate the functioning of nerves and nerve cells in the neck region, it protects from seizures.

· Brain surgery – The region of the brain which is causing malfunctioning, could be removed or altered.

· Homeopathic medication – There are several medicines in homeopathy that cause relief from epilepsy. Like, calcarean carbonicum, staphysigria, etc.

· Ayurvedic medication – Several natural substances are known to cause relief with epileptic symptoms. Like, mulethi, burning bush, lily of the valley, etc.

· Self-care – certain self-care rituals like meditation and yoga could also increase blood and oxygen supply to the brain to keep healthy and fully functional.

· Acupuncture – Not a lot of people believe in chiropractic treatments like acupuncture but it is beneficial to some people. Placing fine needles to stimulate certain points of the body helps to heal the body. It helps with reducing seizures by changing brain activity.


Yashtimadhu oil helps with epilepsy by decreasing the intensity and frequency of the seizures. It aims at balancing the three doshas which are seen as the root cause of all issues. The oil acts like the allopathic anticonvulsant medication and works on seizures but does all this without causing any major harm as a side effect.

Epileptic seizures are often linked with liver or kidney malfunctions, Yashtimadhu is known to purify the blood and body from the inside and help with better functioning of the liver and kidney. If the liver and kidney would safe and sound, one of the causes linked with epileptic seizures is already out.

Ayurvedic medicines are also known to work on the body as a whole and not only for the concerned issue and are known to have long-lasting effects over the body by balancing the three doshas, Kapha, Vata, and pitta.


· Ayurvedic medicines have strong detoxifying and cleansing properties and would keep your blood and body as a whole, free from impurities and foreign substances.

· Ayurveda is strict about timings, for it to work the best for your body, you are recommended to follow the prescription as it is without any alterations. The timings along with the instructions of consumption are important.

· Ayurveda is derived from nature hence; it could not harm you or result in a side effect that would be severe for your body and cause sincere effects. Ayurveda does not cause any harm to your body as compared to branches of medicine that use chemicals that could react with your body in some way.

· Ayurvedic treatments focus on healing the core of your body by working on balancing the three energies of your body. The ayurvedic approach is not concern or disease-centric but client-centric. They believe in making the body so healthy that any disorder or condition could not harm the body. Which is ayurvedic treatments are long-lasting as they work on the body as a whole.

· Balancing Kapha, vata, and pitta results in the body being healthy as a whole and existing problems fading away and no new problems emerging.

· Ayurvedic has a both preventative and curative approach.


Yashtimadhu oil is an ayurvedic medicine and is extremely safe with no severe side effects other than minimal hypertension for a few weeks, which is temporary and settled in time. It is a medicated substance and should only be consumed with a doctor’s permission and prescription. As you could be one of the rare people who have an allergy to a natural substance.

Other than the intake of medicine, the instruction of its intake and storage of that medicine is really important. In a cool and dry place, so its healing properties are not sacrificed.




· Avoid consuming any medication other than how it is prescribed by the doctor

· Reading the label for ingredients, power, expiry date, and other relevant details is a must.

· If symptoms seem to be increasing rather than decreasing, stop consuming the medication and rush to the doctor for advice.

· In case of certain conditions like pregnancy, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, etc. the doctor should be told about the same so he/ she/ they could look into it before prescribing.



There are certain Ayurvedic treatments-

· Snehana – Massage provided with certain oils to ease the symptoms

· Swedana – usually performed after snehana, steam is passed inside an insulated cabinet with herbs.

· Nasya – Herbs are given through nostrils

· Vamana – Medication is given along with honey and rock salt as a medium.

· Virechana – Purgation is carried out.

· Basti – Removes excess Vata

· Shirodhara – liquid drips on the forehead to cause relief.

There are certain ayurvedic medicines-

· Shankhapushpi – soothes nerves

· Shatavri – controls convulsions

· Vacha – helps with enhancing the nervous system

· Brahmi – improves blood circulation

· Panchagavya ghrita – helps with decreasing the duration and frequency of seizures.

The list could go on and on as Ayurveda has several treatments to offer for all kinds of ailments to suit your body and cause relief in the best way possible.



· You can put something in a person’s mouth to help them during a seizure.

No, never do this. It could make things worse for the person. Just roll them on one side and add support under their head and wait for them to become conscious.

· Hold someone tight while a seizure, to stop it.

There is nothing you could do to instantly stop someone from having a seizure. If at all, holding them could result in more physical damage. Just let the person have a seizure and make sure there are no objects around them that could hurt them.

· Epilepsy could happen from contacting an epileptic person.

People love to make every other condition, contagious. No, it cannot transfer from one person to another unless you are exchanging brains with someone who has epilepsy.

· Epilepsy seizures are painful.

Maybe, maybe not. But the person experiencing seizures is unconscious and cannot feel much during a seizure or remember much after it. A person might feel minimal aches or tiredness after severe seizures but the pain is not really in question.

· People with epilepsy might be retard.

Malfunctioning of the brain does not always come along with mental incapabilities. Epilepsy does not make you any less intelligent.

· All seizures are epileptic.

No, seizures could be due to several reasons. Self-diagnosis or medication is not advised. Please see a doctor before you jump to a conclusion.

· Epilepsy is not fatal.

1. Unfortunately, epilepsy can be way more dangerous than perceived. And long-lasting, chronic seizures can cause deaths. Fortunately, the right kind of medication is known to control all symptoms.



Epilepsy is common in non-curable, so rather than focusing on the negatives, try and be optimistic and have faith in your doctor. With the right kind of medication, the symptoms are controlled to an extent that it does not disrupt your daily life or functions.

All kinds of treatments might pose a certain threat but Ayurvedic is extremely safe and does not cause any severe side effects. You could use medicine like Yashtimadhu oil for dealing with the symptoms and improve your overall health as Ayurveda is body-centric and not only disease-centric.

Ayurvedic treatments could be preferred over other treatments for even epilepsy. There are other self-care rituals like medication or exceeding that keep your brain and body healthy overall to make sure the blood and oxygen circulation as they linked with the normal and healthy functioning of the body.


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